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Sunday, 12 February 2012
February 12:

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger.

Dear questioner, thank you very much for having confidence in us, and we invoke Allah Almighty to enlighten our hearts all to accept the truth and to grant us success both in this world and on the Day of Judgement, Amen.

First of all, we’d like to shed light on the origin of this festival, known as "Valentine's Day" or "Festival of Love":

The Festival of Love was one of the festivals of the pagan Romans, when paganism was the prevalent religion of the Romans more than seventeen centuries ago. In the pagan Roman concept, it was an expression of "spiritual love".

There were myths associated with this pagan festival of the Romans, which persisted with their Christian heirs. Among the most famous of these myths was the Roman belief that Romulus, the founder of Rome, was suckled one day by a she-wolf, which gave him strength and wisdom.

The Romans used to celebrate this event in mid-February each year with a big festival.

One of the rituals of this festival was the sacrifice of a dog and a goat. Two strong and muscular youths would daub the blood of the dog and goat onto their bodies, then they would wash the blood away with milk. After that there would be a great parade, with these two youths at its head, which would go about the streets. The two youths would have pieces of leather with which they would hit everyone who crossed their path. The Roman women would welcome these blows, because they believed that they could prevent or cure infertility.

The connection between Saint Valentine and this festival:

Saint Valentine is a name which is given to two of the ancient "martyrs" of the Christian Church. It was said that there were two of them, or that there was only one, who died in Rome as the result of the persecution of the Gothic leader Claudius, c. 296 CE. In 350 CE, a church was built in Rome on the site of the place where he died, to perpetuate his memory.

When the Romans embraced Christianity, they continued to celebrate the Feast of Love mentioned above, but they changed it from the pagan concept of "spiritual love" to another concept known as the "martyrs of love", represented by Saint Valentine who had advocated love and peace, for which cause he was martyred, according to their claims. It was also called the Feast of Lovers, and Saint Valentine was considered to be the patron saint of lovers.

One of their false beliefs connected with this festival was that the names of girls who had reached marriageable age would be written on small rolls of paper and placed in a dish on a table. Then the young men who wanted to get married would be called, and each of them would pick a piece of paper. He would put himself at the service of the girl whose name he had drawn for one year, so that they could find out about one another. Then they would get married, or they would repeat the same process again on the day of the festival in the following year.

The Christian clergy reacted against this tradition, which they considered to have a corrupting influence on the morals of young men and women. It was abolished in Italy, where it had been well-known, then it was revived in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, when in some western countries there appeared shops which sold small books called “Valentine’s books”, which contained love poems, from which the one who wanted to send a greeting to his sweetheart could choose. They also contained suggestions for writing love letters.
The above quotation is excerpted, with slight modifications, from www.Islam-qa.com

As regards the Islamic stance on this festival, Dr. Su`ad Ibrahim Salih, professor of Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh) at Al-Azhar University, states the following:

Indeed, Islam is the religion of altruism, true love, and cooperation on that which is good and righteous. We implore Allah Almighty to gather us together under the umbrella of His All-encompassing Mercy, and to unite us together as one man. Allah Almighty says: (The believers are naught else than brothers. Therefore make peace between your brethren and observe your duty to Allah that haply ye may obtain mercy.) (Al-Hujurat 49: 10)

Focusing more on the question in point, I can say that there are forms of expressing love that are religiously acceptable, while there are others that are not religiously acceptable. Among the forms of love that are religiously acceptable are those that include the love for Prophets and Messengers. It stands to reason that the love for Allah, and His Messenger Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) should have the top priority over all other forms of love.

Islam does recognize happy occasions that bring people closer to one another, and add spice to their lives. However, Islam goes against blindly imitating the West regarding a special occasion such as Valentine’s Day. Hence, commemorating that special day known as the Valentine’s Day is an innovation or bid`ah that has no religious backing. Every innovation of that kind is rejected, as far as Islam is concerned. Islam requires all Muslims to love one another all over the whole year, and reducing the whole year to a single day is totally rejected.

Hence, we Muslims ought not to follow in the footsteps of such innovations and superstitions that are common in what is known as the Valentine’s Day. No doubt that there are many irreligious practices that occur on that day, and those practices are capable of dissuading people from the true meanings of love and altruism to the extent that the celebration is reduced to a moral decline.

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What DAy??????????

Dear all

Every one must learn how to live in this world from our Holy Book Al-Quran. If any one wants to know the islamic rules and explanation it is available in multilanguages they learn now its not late yet.

Please avoid other rules, being a muslim one must to accept and follow the right path what Quran orders its an order from Allah no doubt!!!!!

So in Islam if you respect your own rights as husband and wife every day is your valantines day. So as respect your sisters and other's sister all crime rates goes down. Respect your parents serve them better, who gave chance to you and all to exist in this world.

Bazari mat Banoo fasion may society kay liye, birth day bhi manatay valantine bhi manatay. why????????????

Even milad is not permitted in Quran or in any Hadith sahi muslim & Sahi Bukhari.

What muslims are sleeping try to learn our subjects which helps in the day of judgement even do not discuss about other's matter.

What DAy??????????

Dear all

Every one must learn how to live in this world from our Holy Book Al-Quran. If any one wants to know the islamic rules and explanation it is available in multilanguages they learn now its not late yet.

Please avoid other rules, being a muslim one must to accept and follow the right path what Quran orders its an order from Allah no doubt!!!!!

So in Islam if you respect your own rights as husband and wife every day is your valantines day. So as respect your sisters and other's sister all crime rates goes down. Respect your parents serve them better, who gave chance to you and all to exist in this world.

Bazari mat Banoo fasion may society kay liye, birth day bhi manatay valantine bhi manatay. why????????????

Even milad is not permitted in Quran or in any Hadith sahi muslim & Sahi Bukhari.

What muslims are sleeping try to learn our subjects which helps in the day of judgement even do not discuss about other's matter.

it reminds one of

it reminds one of Philosopher Allama Iqbal's quote, which roughly translates,

"We are such muslims, we will not improve ourselves but would attempt to change Islam".

Shame on people who are trying to defame Islam by trying to justify unislamic things as part of Islam.


Dear All,

pls avoid all these kind of Festivals, May Allah give us Right Path...Ameen

xactly we should avoid these

xactly we should avoid these type of things...May allah god bless us

Valentine's day is fitna

Valentine's day is just a fitna and the people who are celeberating it they are helping shaitan.

Abu Ahmed & Saleem are confused

Both the gentlemen are confused viz a viz the fatwas, bidah and embracing new ideas by Muslims. Muslims do not have to join hands with any senas to ban valentine day celebrations or any other immoral acts committed on any occasion. Halal and haram are clearly explained for the educated to follow and ignorants to be explained by Uelmas.

Fatwas are people who are not aware about the Islamic teachings about a new things that has not been done before. It is not a defense of Islam as nothing can threaten Islam but Muslims do get corrupted under the influence of new ideologies and trends. Irrespective of the Valentine day's origin, do Muslims have to fix that particular day to express love to their loved ones? Who could be those? Unmarried youngsters or adults or what? Does Islam allows such mixing or interaction in the name of extracting a new methodology to keep up with changing trends or times? Does such type of rulings make Islam or Muslim vulnerable? There are many Muslim working /non-working women who do not observe pardah in the name of freedom or feel they are not vulnerable to the dangers of not observing it due to various assurances - false or true. Could that be a guide line for others? Many people get fooled or fool others by such logic.

Even the people celebrating it (Christians) have a historical/religious background around it and what parallel one can draw for participating in such celebrations needs to be explained. Muslims have to see if a particular celebrations have a religious connotations or not. For example Muslims saying Merry Christmas can be considered supporting the idea of birth of a Son to God. IF one feels that this is not a valid argument then there is no harm in celebrating Diwali also as it simply involves fireworks and distribution of sweets etc. One has to draw line between celebrations and sharing other religions' festivals as a member of mixed society. Bida in non-religious affairs does not mean forgetting the religion. For Muslims all walks of life are controlled and guided by the religion. This could be solved only with the help of fatwas which are nothing but the method to find ways guided by religious understanding.

We are living in a country

We are living in a country with millions of followers of various religions. Each and every day, each one of us come in contact with one or the other person of a non-muslim community. If we do not have a broader vision and interact with people in a plite and cultured way, soon we all would be considered enemies of our own country, city and village. Stop being foolish, dont indulge in Haraam in clebrating each and every festival of the country.

Valentine's Day

The Muslims must wake up and stop believing all sorts of non-sense which are far from reality!! There is no relationship between any religion and Valentine's Day, which is celebrated all over the world by all progressive countries including most of the Islamic countries.

Good Job

Good Job, Need to reject this fest more strictly

Valenite Day

In today's context where ultra materialism and consumerism rides over religous, moral and eithical values, a fatwa or a dictat from religous seminaries are no more influential as they were used to be. In fact it needs an extraordinary effort from people to accept and implement them. We know for sure that booze, games of chance, wild parties etc etc are unislamic and now this Valentine. The media has become such a powerful engine driven by hardcore corporates it is just invincible and unstoppable by mere fathwas which have lost its sheen. The only way left for us to stop this superficial facade of Lauday is to draw a red line in the family by its elders.
We have to exhort moral, ethical and familial values as against this menace of Valentine Luadays which gives credence to Maggie proposals, Maggie Friendships and Maggie marriages. The kind of easy and quickfix formulas as valentine and other 24x7 soap operas at home is taking a heavy toll on once mighty Indian family system. To conclude, the above statement is from an Islamic seminary of repute and what were we doing when Ram Sene objection to this curse has the same bearing as this Fatwa isnt it? While the Ramsene was practically trying to root this evil out, we Muslims were just passively looking the otherway? Least we could have virtually supported them if not practcially. We hate them just to hate them but why not prudently converge on issue of mutual interest and agree to disagree? When will we Muslims learn to be forward looking yet preserving our identity.

Some other way

There should be some other way of expressing affection without violating religious or moral ethics. Readers must suggest alternate options. Expressing love or affection cannot be equated with sin. Best of Luck!

Love to cats/dogs..send parents to old age home..?

How come these people teaches us LOVE, these people love so much to the dogs & cats that even these animal sleep on the same bed...but wait...

When their mother & father gets old...they send them OLD AGE HOME...

Do we have to welcome this kind of change in our society...


Bidah in religious matters is banned and not acceptable; if Bidah is banned from all walks of life, then we should stop using all modern technological, scientific and artistic Bidaat innovations. Stop using the car, stop living in homes built of steel and concrete, stop using phones, stop eating biryani, (Arabs had no idea of Biryani at the time of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), stop talking in Urdu.. in short we would have to stop living in modern times and go back to live in tents and use camels or donkeys for transportation - if Bidaah in all walks of life is banned, that is. Thank God it is not so.
As Valentine's Day has nothing to do with religion at all, so celebrating it has nothing to do with it being a Bidaah or not. Now, as Islam does not encourage free mingling of sexes and expression of love brazenly to the opposite sex - Islam is more romantic and believes in soft and lofty ways of expressing love after marriage, in that context celebrating Valentine's day is totally against Islamic culture. But then we are living in a country where there are hundreds of religions and thousands of communities. How to interact with them on occassions of their cultural import? Dont indulge in any Haraam activity while wishing them well on such occassions and feeling happy for them on their festivals.

You are lack in knowledge,

You are lack in knowledge, to understand bidaah(innovations) driving car, staying in concrete building, eating biryani, using modern tecnology which doesn't effect your religious practices has nothing wrong with it. But bidaah is that using and adding things to your religion which destroy your character is sin against Allah. driving car doesn't effect your religion, eating biryani is not sin unless using haram things like unslaugter meat to it.
Abu ahmed and saleem pakodi go and check the people who are more powerful what happen to them when they die. Remember your death don't speak about Islam unless you have some knowledge of that subject. Born in muslim house doesn't make you muslim, Only practicing religious obligation make any muslim, true muslim. Try to read islam in detail and judge yourself, muslim or ........
Allah guide us to right path. Ameen.

Valentine Day in Islam

At last there are some guys like you Abu Ahmed who are coming out and challenging this procession of Bidaath Fatwas. Fatwas after Fatwas is driving away the Muslims from being spiritually connected with Allah to either into becoming Ultra orthodox religous robots or to become atheist or heretic. Today the devil in Islam is not the devil or the heretics but our own godmen and us who never blink an eyelid to parcel a fatwa whether good or bad or project ourselves as ignorant uneducated and brash elements. The bombardment of Fatwas and brandishing every happy occassion whether Music, analysing a book of any other religion or picking up something good from other faiths, or even a slightly louder laughter gets severely admonished by the religous clerics and their ilks. One question always linger my mind! Has Islam become so weak that we Muslims have to be so protective and defensive about it? Has Allah become so vulnerable that each of his eddicts and mercy or remprimands needs stonewalling or Quran has become so vulnerable and so irrelevant that unless we peddle and browbeat it someone will dogmatise or not believe it?. Why Muslims have become so defensive and protective about their Faith?. Our thoughts and vision of life is centered around small tit bits and nothing beyond. One of the prime reason for our failure is that we have a self bloated belief that we have ruled half the world for centuries, we ruled India for 800 years and insha Allah we will rule it again. There is no religions better than Islam and there are no better people around than Muslims. We are clouding our thoughts with things of the past, little realising Except the word of Allah nothing is permanent and nothing belonged and belongs to us. Only when Muslims start to think and act like they are not supermacist it is then that they will regain their past glory.

The Sahabas and the Sufis of yore did not had to defend Islam in the past simply because they never let Islam to be challenged. They have learnt from other religions and fusioned their thoughts and ideals thus harmonising and presenting a pleasant face of Islam rather than a Fatwa Ranting and screaming Moulanistic Islam.

Islam doesnt need rooftop shouting selfrighteous Muslims. Inspite of all the bad with Muslims, it is growing in strength to strength. Not because we Muslims are protecting it but because of its inherent truth. What is needed from Muslims is an exemplary standard of good deeds and manners which should radiate in the society rather than the jingoistic, chest thumping muslim we often come across in plentiful these days.

wonderful speach

Mostly this day carries a shameful act of open love or public love
which Islam doesn't permits
Although it is a good data provided here by siasat for us to know about the actual meaning of this day, from where it is driven etc.
and a meaningful comprehensive conclusion

Valentine Day

We should avoid these things.

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