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Was not House of God demolished to build house of Politics?

Thursday, 6 December 2012
December 06:

Visiting a day that no one in India would like to forget. though they pretend they want to forget but how will they. 6 Dec 1992 is not just the black hole in to the age of a Nation which boasts it self as the protector of democracy, secularism, and rule of law.

Which has a constitution which protects rights of each individual and gives liberty to religions to follow, preach, and practice faiths. All these good qualities of our nation which we are proud of are true in letter and the intention of their authors.

Trouble is the authors are abused in the worst possible form by the abusers of all that we stand for, for mere gathering of political mileage, by  flaring up religious sentiments resulting in a second division of a great  united Indian nation that lost one of its arm in 1947 partition.

Then a second painful division was forced in when neither their was Nehru, nor Jinnah to blame, nor a fatherly figure Mahatma to cry and be in pain and go on satyagarha for harmony and peace among two major faith and their followers Hindus and Muslims of India.

But India had ideologies like  RSS,  VHP  Bajrang Dal, the fundamental masters that drive their political arr BJP and it had a ambitious leader whose  origin ironically rests in parted arm of Independent India in Sindh province of our now not so very friendly neighbor Pakistan.

In the heat of wedging a large divide among the largest  religious communities of India Hindus and Muslims were taken for granted served with sugar coating uneasy intentions, slogans of flaring sentiments. Then the most dreadful act unfolded on 6th Dec of 1992, in a BJP ruled state of UP under the rule of Congress in Center.

Court orders, assurances, and promises to honor the court verdict, all political parties of the time empowering the then PM P V Narsiha Rao with powers to do all what was necessary to protect an ancient Heritage Building and a Mosque  Babar made his general Mir Banki in-charge of the area. Banki visited Ayodhya in 1528 and built a mosque. A five hundred years old monument and heritage building and a Mosque was  demolished by thousands of Karsewaks.

Reports say the then PM locked him self in a room and did not answer to any calls or spoke to any one for the whole day and the man who was given all power to protect and to take all measures to do so, silenced him self intentionally abusing the trust and the authority entrusted to him by the NAC.

History was getting manipulated, and abused, a chapter was inked by the law less thousands who chose to abuse Court orders, and the law of the land and ransack in day light in front of a whole battalion of police force from the BJP ruled UP police.

TV cameras from world channels some with tears in their eyes and some feared to see how a modern calling India can be so disrespectful to its values, its culture, its minorities, its law and its centuries old pride and history of inclusive living and harmony among the faiths.

Nation was shell shocked a immensely deafening calm took over nation waited expecting  the army the police and the authorities will wake up and stop the abuse of justice, law of the land, and massacre of sentiments, violation of laws, breaking of promises, killing of  faith and trust in a government and its agencies.

The sleeping monarch of unjust happening  PV  Narsima Rao was doing many things one allowing the House of God to be raised to ground, on one hand on the other hand he was digging a deep grave for the secular Congress to suffer over a decade and helping the fundamental forces in the country that  do not believe in rule of law and justice.

Who liked to raise slogans of Hindutva and Hindu pride not realizing even Lord Ram would not approve of Lord Ram lived life of sacrifice and fought to defeat the evil and establish the rule of law but what have these sewaks of Lord Ram did have embarrassed Lord Ram.

The fabric of Indian nation has changed since then and all associated damage and riots and killings that happened since 1992 Dec 6th even the Godhara and the Gujarat Massacre could have been avoided but for the day of massacre of justice, rule of law in the nation.

Our priorities  are poverty, education, security, inclusive growth, respect, national pride, living a one people and respecting sentiments and allowing space to stretch and sharing wisdom and lending helping hand we are not just Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs and Christians we are also nationals of this great nation above all we are the best creation of God in whose name a crime is committed in demolishes of a 5th Century Mosque.

God will not pardon us as Indian for testing his patience and his people and his designs. Now after 21 years since Dec 6, we are not learning lessons of history nor the lesson in politics we see even today efforts are being made and people with similar ideology are not satisfied with the gains they have earned by dividing Indians are greedy enough to flash newer and more sensitive and damaging moves.

It is the politics which is killing our harmony and our peace. It is the politics which is pulling our legs our strides. It is the politics that has become an painful  wound for we the people of the nation. Now at least we the people should realese and correct our mistakes and isolate the ones who bring religion, caste, and region between us.

Our faith is ours, our caste is ours and our culture is ours and our region is ours.But  how can we be carried away and follow the ones who want us to believe that we are not we and they are not they and we are not one and we are not one one side as Indians and only Indians. Be an Indian and live as a great human being.




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Real house of God was

Real house of God was destroyed by Mir Baqi and symbol of evil was built. On 6 December 1992 that symbol was destroyed and Real house of God was built partially.

nice try!

It was a good and useless attempt to project Babri Masjid demolition as a blot on Inida.Revealing half truth is more dangerous than full lies.First your comment
"Banki visited Ayodhya in 1528 and built a mosque" you concealed the full truth,Banki destroyed temple and build mosque on it in Ayodhya(refer to history books).
"constitution which protects rights of each individual and gives liberty to religions to follow, preach, and practice faiths",sounds nice to hear but in reality it doesn't make sense.without solving existing problems of country every body refer to constitutional rights which infact were written without taking into account the consequence of not solving issues.This is same as painting a building with new paint without fixing internal structural damages of the same buliding and calling it as a new building.

Rise of Hindu fundamentalism in 90's infact put control on Muslim fundamentalism.If not for Hindu fundamentalism India would have witnessed more of Godhra Mumbai and Parliament attacks.I am not refering to muslims here but referring to Muslim fundamentalists.

Siasat please publish my comment as I am not hurting any particular community but my comments are in reference to above article.

The ball in in Hindu's court

Every single Hindu in India knows that government, will not and cannot give the Babri Masjid back to Muslims at this stage. The only way to resolve this issue is Hindu's coming togather and giving the masjid back to Muslims. This way they will earn respect and friendship and more importantly the protection. A Muslim is required to protect a non-muslim as long as that non-muslim do not voilate or carry out any mischief.

Every day goes by the risk is higher and it time for Hindus to come togather.

allah says in free time

allah says in free time turn back to allah in prayer,
ask for forgiveness ,he is fogiving,
then when allahs help comes u can see people entering islam in group
and victory will be urs...............
dear muslims rrr we really doing that ------------
to get the spiritual help ---------------
quran will never change-----
it can show the sudden change in winds-------
it can show the sudden change in direction of winds--------------
it can cause a sudden change in climate--------
if we could attach ourself to nature of allahs creation----------
shaitan is on its way to make u feel low, sit and cry-------------
sit low ,,cry ,,,cry out to ur lord of heavens and earth----------
after every hardship is ease,,ease,,ease,,,-----------------
after a while inshallah muslims rr freee------------
if only we recognise,,recognise,, recognise,,
ups and downs rrr in a journey,,,if no resources,,-----------
it takess long time----------
o allah help the sincere efforts of the muslims-------
u only knows who is sincere------------

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