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What Muslims Should Do To Get Justice Against Police Atrocities and Illegal Arrests

Saturday, 1 December 2012
Hyderabad, December 01:

Though Colonial rule of Britishers ended long back in India but the seed of hatred sowed by them and the policy of ‘divide and rule’ still exists and could not be changed. Apart from this, the Britishers had left the kind police administration, which is blind in not following the human and moral values. There was no need felt to reform this system and to re-organize it.

So, pre-independence or post-independence, the communal riots were destined to happen in India causing great losses to minority community. First minority community is targeted and those who are not affected, they are indicted in some or the other cases and are put behind the bars. This is still continued. Who will forget the carnage against the Sikhs in 1984 where 17000 Sikhs were massacred. 5000 Sikhs are still missing from Punjab.

In 1993, Muslims were brutally killed in Mumbai post Babri Masjid demolition riots. Police was a silent spectator. The number of organized attacks against Christians reach 212. The memories of communal riots in Kandhamal are still fresh in the minds of the people.

This is a lengthy ‘black record’ of Muslims being killed by the people of the majority community. It has been a tradition to target minorities in such a manner where they could be financially weakened. To gain this, the economy of the Muslims was targeted during the riots in Ahmedabad, Kanpur, Malegaon, Meerut, Jamshedpur, Ferozabad, Moradabad, Aligarh, Jamshedpur, Mumbai and Bhivandi. Last year, communal riots broke out in Rajsthan’s Gopalgarh because of the leniency given to the miscreants by police. Not only this, Hyderabad city also witnessed communal riots between 1974 and 1991. With communal riots breaking out with regular intervals, Hyderabad was renamed as ’Curfewabad.’

Here, this point is to be noted that communal riots occurred during the reign of every government. Be it of Congress, BJP or any other party. Police played biased role in all these riots.

Even the role of the government was suspicious and partial. This is yet another hot topic to be debated and investigations were also done. A long list of various commissions of the government is a testimony but alas! All the reports of the commissions are kept in cold storage.

No recommendations were implemented, be it of Sri Krishna Commission, Nanavati Commission so on and so forth. The culprits are still freely roaming and some are even enjoying the political powers. India is famous as a signatory country on the treaties finalized against the police atrocities during the custodies and violations of human rights and implementing them in the country, but here too, India thought it enough to keep the matter limited upto the signature on the papers only. On the other hand, the people of the country, turned against the police system prevails in the country. The tragedy of the minorities is that as mentioned above, thousands of Muslims are missing in Kashmir, many people are also missing from North East and the areas affected by Naxalites. Government of Chhatisgarh has admitted in Supreme Court that police has burnt the colonies of 644 tribal whereas the unofficial figures are much more. The government report on Muslim carnage in Gujarat that was produced in the Parliament on July 11, 2005, said that during the riots 223 persons went missing.

Here too, the correct figure is much higher. One more fact is that Muslim girls were among those who were missing in Gujarat and both the government and the majority community are mum on this topic. They lack co-ordination the way Christian and Sikh community show in their day-to-day affairs. They also don’t have an effective leadership and unity.

To create insecurity among the Muslim youths and in order to prevent them from climbing the ladder of the success, the indiscriminate arrests of the Muslim youths started. Even the economically prosper and educationally strong Muslim areas were not spared. These targets were easily available in Malegaon, Maharashtra, Hyderabad in A.P., Azamgarh in U.P., Ahmedabad in Gujarat, Okhla, Jamia Nagar in Delhi and now Darbhanga in Bihar. The same modus operandi adopted the way Israel did in order to frighten the Palestinians.

Renowned politician and activist Amrish Mishra writes: “If we look at the political scenario of the country during the last few months, it would be appropriate to say that the Israel’s secret agency Mossad has completely invaded our house. Our former Home Minister is so occupied with 2G spectrum, that he has to do secret liaison with RSS and BJP.” So I feel as per my experience and vision, Muslim youths are being made scapegoat due to his pressure of Mossad and the secret liaison. Their educational and economical development is prevented so as to make their future dark and uncertain. This is how the Muslim youths are being arrested.

Adding insult to the injury is the fake encounters, which take place every now and then, are multiplying the fear of Muslim youths. Torturing the Muslim youths during the police and judicial custody has become the order of the day. Qateel Siddiqui was killed on June 9, 2011 in Pune Jail when he was under judicial custody.

This incident had put a big question mark not only on the judicial system of the country but also raised many question in connection with the security of Muslims, the efficiency of the country’s law and the security system.

Here, the media also played a biased, communal and partial role in nurturing the thoughts of the society and succeeded to some extent. Though this kind of bias is violating the laws of media and journalism.

The irony of it is that on this, our home minister, information and broadcasting minister and all Muslim MPs and MLAs are totally silent. This silence is totally uncalled for and not understandable. These are a few tragic and horrible incidents and circumstances our Muslim community finds it in. It is our responsibility to save the community from the clutches of the circumstances.

That is why it is said that challenge is the name of facing the tough times in a tough manner and not to escape. It is our responsibility to get ourselves organized in order to get justice to these innocent youths and get them released. We should look to it that the provision of justice to the innocent youths should not be delayed. This is not a matter of an individual but the entire Muslim community of India. This is the biggest conspiracy against the Islam and its followers.
This challenge prevails not only in India but also throughout the world. So it is the moral, social and religious duty of the entire Muslim community to come forward and raise the voice of protest in the purview of the country’s law. Though our judicial system is slow but it doesn’t mean that we lose all hopes.

This is indeed a tragedy of the Muslim community that they always ignore the constitutional rights, judicial system and other knowledge related to the laws of the land whereas they are made for the benefit of the not only the Muslim community but all Indians. This responsibility has been shifted on the shoulders of the lawyers. This ignorance is proving fatal for the community as the government; police, other government agencies and terrorists are taking advantage of this. On the other hand, we have only surface thoughts.

Lack of steadiness and the firebrand leadership hammered the last nail. The avenging politics and division in the community itself are also responsible for its decline. It is also our responsibility that we should cre4ate an awareness of constitutional rights and knowledge of the law among the community and at least form a district unit on the district level in our respective areas in order to face such unconstitutional and illegal incidents.

We should also keep in touch with authentic and experienced lawyers and those organizations that have really dedicated themselves in the service of human rights. In order to train the youths, workshops and seminars should be conducted with regular intervals. We should try to prevent the incidents of civil rights violations. Your/our this step would help preparing a pressure group in the society. If we move forward in this direction, the society would also co-operate with us.

Today, we are responsible for the unconstitutional incidents of arrests, which has become the order of the day. This kind of arrest is treated as kidnap and this situation should be faced in a similar way i.e. the way a kidnap case has been faced and the kidnappers are treated.

The law gives us this right. If our these so-called agencies and informers would come to know that we are very much aware of our rights, they would never dare to take the law into their hands and the incident of kidnap on May 5 at Barsamela in Bihar would never occur where Karnataka crime branch had kidnapped a man. In case of illegal arrest, an FIR of kidnap should immediately be lodged with the concerned police station. Be there at the time of the registration of the FIR and read the content before signing it.

If you find anything written unclearly, get it corrected. Obtain a copy of the FIR. In section 22 of the constitution Of India, it is clearly mentioned that the reason of the arrest should be told the person who is arrested and keep him informed on the offences he/she is being arrested. Supreme Court of India has made an incident as an evidence and gave the reference of the case of Sofia Guam Mohammed v/s State Bank of Maharashtra A I R 1977 case.

The Supreme Court also presented vital points of the arrest in a famous 1977 case D K Basu v/s State Bank of West Bengal. The Supreme Court writes:

“The police officers who come to arrest an offender, should be in their uniform. Their name, designation and identity should be displayed on the nameplate. This is included in section $2 B of CrPC where the presence of local police is must at the time of the arrest. One more instruction in this regard is that at the time of the arrest, according to CrPC, the arresting officer would prepare an arrest memo. This memo should be signed by the person who was arrested and the signature of any relative, friend or any eminent person of the locality should also be taken. A copy of the same would also be provided.”

Other such instructions, which are mentioned as per the section 7150 of CrPC. According to this, the location of the arrested person should be given by the police to his/her relatives or friends. This should also be mentioned in the register of the police station that the information of the arrest is forwarded to the friend or relative of the arrested person. This is the duty of the police that within 24 hours of the arrest, the offender should be produced in the court. Not only this, the police should conduct the medical checkup of the arrested person. At least one medical checkup should be conducted in every 24-hour. If the arrested person is subjected to the torture, the complaint should be lodged in the court by the lawyer.

Soon after the arrest, a renowned, able, honest and thorough professional lawyer should be contacted because to fulfill the judicial requirement, a lawyer can do the needful. It is also necessary that the witness and other followers should also be alert. Lawyer should be furnished with the maximum knowledge and evidences. Try to make video or the CD of the time when arrest was made.

The video should contain even the vehicle in which police had come in what circumstances to arrest. In case of any violations, atrocities and exploitations, an immediate complaint should be lodged with National Commission for Human Rights and National Minority commission. The address, e-mail ID and phone number can be easily traced via Internet. These complaints can be lodged by anybody from anywhere and should not be treated as an individualistic matter but as a duty towards the society to get the justice for those who are denied. We have no right to term a person as a criminal or accused. To prove this, we have our judicial system. It is our duty to provide this system a true and justice-based information.

This how we can help the judicial system and the society alike. Muslim community is not in a position to pay attention towards the plights of other communities though Allah Almighty has granted this community the ability to serve the humanity. So, at least to serve our own community, welfare and security of the society, we should adopt the attitude of honesty.


Courtesy: Qari M S Khan


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Start from beginning.. I

Start from beginning..
I read that article couple of times. .Good informative
But some points are missing ,
1.Do not think this is a month or year policy it’s a long term policy to keep Muslims should be harassed and those are the gifts of Intellectuals badmash Hindus and lazy perverted name sake Muslims.
2. If current scenario are not changed within couple of years then it’s going to be worst then what you have seen today. They want make us “SECOND CLASS CITIZEN”. and occasionally you might heard radical hindus always teased you to go Pakistan or SA. It means they treat you like second class citizen. We Muslims live here and Die here..
3. First Aid help, Need refuge and help from Allah(sub)
4.Parents should look where our children are, what they are doing. Start with home it’s long term goal it cannot be fix in months but take years.
5.I did look another news paper they put rowdy sheeters description and photos and mostly are muslim boys(you can decided later they innocent or guilty).
6.We Muslims must have tools and the best tool is Education, common sense, Know law order,and Rights. Specially Counselors and MLA’S must be Educated and humble.Becasue police and maqbirs are looking for “YOUNG EMOTIONAL MUSLIMS”
7.In every Masjid write it down the basic of individuals rights in case of arrest or misuse of power.And use camera or prove of abuse.
8 Muslims should join in military and army.look the Sikhs they are tiny minority but they join military and army and now they are stronger community..


lead a pious life

Muslims should lead a pious life and learn to respect others religion and beliefs,even if they are different from their own.
Just as they hold the prophet in high reverence,they should understand that other religions too hold their founders in high esteem.
Making derogatory statements about other beliefs and showing intolerance to critics should be condemned.
Muslims should study other religious scriptures like Gita/Bible also and improve their knowledge.
They should also take pride in Indian history and treat great philosophers like Chanakya with respect and follow their path.
Any giving them false path under the guise of Islam should be weeded out.
They should also appreciate that Abdul Qadir was a criminal and should not follow his path.

Have a base in Pakistan/Bangladesh

It is better to have a base in an Islamic country where we will always be welcome with open arms.
When Dawood was victimized in India,he shifted base to Karachi,where he is welcome.
World Islamic leaders should impress upon Gulf countries to grant citizenship to Muslims from other countries,like USA,UK grant to citizens from other countries.
After all Muslims of the world have the right to settle in Mecca/Medina.

Reply to Annonymous.

This is the result of Mr.Qari`s article,he must be the happiest person now, he has sown a seed of revolution in the mind of muslim youth,they are now justifying,Dawood Ibrahims acts, Mr.Qaris desires have been fulfilled, he can now freely recruit the misguided youths for a mission to create unrest in India.

RE:Reply to annoymous

Dear....on what basis are you assuming that the above comment is written by a Muslim youth about Daud ibrahim and just this comment is enough for you to conclude that the seed of revolution has been sown??
If very unfortunately it is written by any muslim, let us consider him as insane and need not associate the whole religion with his senseless and infant comments!!!!

Shariat for Muslims

Just as Muslims have separate personal law they should have separate Shariat for crimes.
Justice should be swift.
If guilty fast punishment and if innocent freed fast.
No delay etc.
All criminal muslims will be cleaned fast and legal loving Muslims will live in peace.

Get United and Educated

Muslims should get united and stop division, we should stop hatred feelings among ourselves including Shia, Mehdi Pathan, Sunni, Wahabi, Ahley Hadees bla bla bla and bla bla bla. Let Shia's, Mehdvi Pathan, Wahabi's follow their sect but when comes to unity show united that is Majlis E Iteyhadul Musleemeen (MIM). MIM was not a political party once.Foundation of MIM was laid by a very prominent personality of Hyderabad just to unit all the Muslims (I don't want to mention his name but it was neither Wahed Uddin Owaisi not Bahadur Yar Jung nor the owner of Dar Us Salam).
Next thing is we should educate our children, we are lacking in discipleship, our girls are having boyfriends rt from Junior Inter.Most of our boys have girlfriends instead of concentrating on studies at right time, once the time pass away they are Zero instead of Hero.Most of our parents encourage their children to become Engineer very few encourage to go for IAS, IPS and other Govt posts.We just have a believe that we can't become IAS, IPS, Military man, Air force, Navy but the reality is we never try at all.
Truly speaking we never respect India or show love towards our Country that is the reason we are going behind instead of going ahead.
We must pull up our socks, still its not too late to act. Things can change in 10 years if we plan and take pen in our hand instead of law.

I dont wear

I dont wear socks .... what shall i pull ???

Be Proud to be Indian

Uniting with other Muslims is not as important as integrating with Indians.
Presently Muslims live in a ghetto.
Don't employ other communities in their trade.
Should rally on economic points with same passion as they rally for religious reasons.
Should prove their passion for supporting India rather than Pakistan.
Should stop providing a safe haven for terrorists from Pakistan.
Should protest with same passion,as they did for Babri demolition, when Muslims abroad do unholy acts as damaging Buddha statues in Afghanistan.
Should also respect the religious sentiments of other religion and delink religion from statesmanship.

Mr.Qari is acting irresponsibly.

Instead of giving such advises, Mr.Qari, should have advised the Muslim youth to act responsibly and avoid illegal activities against the nation, the writer intention seems suspicious to me, is he supporting some groups who are planning some anti-national activities,before the plan is put into practice is he preparing the ground to brainwash the innocent minds or what, this is a serious issue, Home Ministry should immediately look into it, and find out what is the intention of Mr.Qari. Too much of religion preaching make minds work in wrong directions,this is what has happened to Mr.Qari.

Reply: Mr.Qari is acting irresponsibly.

Dear friend,
You yourself is looking suspicious to me.
Ignorance also sometime becomes a crime!! Before declaring someone against nation, or talking about illegal activities first do some "unbiased" research and see who has done illegal activities and who were convicted. Apart from posting such ignorant comments I would like to ask can you list down how many pro-national activities you have ever done in your life??? Out of many suicides, killings, rapes, Robery, scams, corruption, mal-nutrition, deaths due to lack of medication, etc happening in our Motherland....you have ever "atleast" tried to stop or mitigate that!!!!!

Yes, I agree with you on advising Muslim youths that how to live their religion, which is not just limited to the attires or just the appearances,or taking out processions (embrassingly in some cases destroying public property harming innocents), and thinking that religion is only confined to mosques and masjids, and only shouting few slogans .....rather being an active "contributor" in "inclusive" growth and development of the society and country. And ofcourse the need of the hour is not just to advise the Muslim youths but all the Indian youths to shed the toxic biases and prejudices based on any religion/community/language/region. It sometime looks like an irony when people consider themselves as a true patriotic of a Nation with a beauty of multi ethnic/community/religion and at the same time become intolerable or nurture hatred for a particular community by saying "Too much of religion preaching make minds work in wrong directions". Seems Mr. niether you have understood the meaning of religion nor the meaning of being patriotic and human.

....Well coming to the article the writer has put focus on increasing trend of terrorizing a particular community at the hands whom the country as given a responsibity of providing security and safety.

Yess...i am not advocating to spare even a single person who is involved in any unlawful or anti-national activity and would happily even join to punish that culprit but are we really honest and un-biased while doing such investigations and enquiry??? How many reports and research data has come up of Police framing innocents and ruining not just their lives but of the whole family because of the trama and pain.

Dear, have u ever met mother of any innocent accussed who is languishing in Jail for no crime of his...Have u ever met the wife or children of such accussed whose every morning begins with a deep pain in their chest and waiting for their dear ones to knock the door of their house and come back home?????

Let us stop becoming VICTIMS of hate speech, prejudices and grudge against any HUMAN BEING...this message is not only to you but to ALL the ppl of my COUNTRY-


Anti-Indian explanations.

The reply is a well drafted,it looks as if Mr.Hafiz sayed (Pakistan terrorist mind)is giving an explanation,this is the problem with few mentalities like the writer, who enjoys all the benefit in their mother country and act in a irresponsible manner,it is not their fault,it is the venom injected to some provoked minds from the neighbor country, the bottom line is, if they feel they are ignored, betrayed, treated badly, they are most welcome to leave India,they need not suffer in silence, they will come to their senses once the taste the hospitality of muslim countries, in India, at least they are heard, but in muslim countries, they are directly beheaded,,in afghanistan and Pakistan, it is bullet, good things cannot be digested by troubled souls,this mentality of them is leading into more problems, that is why the Muslims are globally rejected and looked suspiciously, time to change your image, if you are India, be an Indian with pure heart and pure mind.

Illegal Arrest & Police Atrocities

Read carefully. He is talking about illegal arrest and police atrocities. Do not read between the lines.

Muslims should do terrorism

Muslims should do terrorism and run away take shelter in pakistan and arab countries. Indian police cannot come there.

Dear All This will be

Dear All
This will be success only when all muslims what ever its shia/mehdi/sunni/qadri should forget internal issues and join hands. other wise its just waist of time.


As Salam Salamalaikom,

Its a good try by Siasat but in vein. As you all aware these are the conspiracies planned since many years, acting upon conspiracy the hindu communal group has trained, educated & achieved good govt. positions. In each & every govt. dept. they r available, specially in police dept., cbi, banks even i am sure they are available in National Commission about which wajid bhai talk. They r holding good positions that's y they r doing whatever they want & due to this only u can notice directly / indirectly govt. support. The fact is in the History / present Allah has never helped the ppl who believe others except Allah, Majority cannot bring us any relief, u can c pakistan / bangladesh, minority cannot put us in problems. The only thing lacking in us DEEN (The Way of Life) taught of prophet SAS, till we didn't implement this deen our lifes, mark my words "we are not going to get rid from these problems". Mafhoom Hadith "When ppl doesn't listen to allah & doesn't follow their rasoon SAS, allah impose such a cruel ruler on ur heads that he don't have a little mercy in his heart". So, this is what v r passing through, so brothers & sisters, its a humble request just have mercy on whole ummah, & change our lifes, believe me only allah can help us, only Allah, only Allah. Bring Deen in lifes and ask allah for help as he is almighty & best helper. He is not bonded to sources to help us, he has helped & helping pious ppl without any sources toooo.



You are absolutely correct.Allmuslims should spend time on prayers and do dowa for the safety is only the way. If anybody doing bad for muslims definetly what ever his religion is going to get punished by Allah who is sitting on top of all.

Asad can do much if he desires

Asad is a barrister and can do a lot"IF HE DESIRES".

Well Said

I agree with You brother

Asad can do much if he desires

Asad is a barrister and can do a lot"IF HE DESIRES".

Most easy action

To prevent arrests and face police action Muslims should avoid doing illegal activities and follow the law of the land.
They should not allow anyone to instigate them on the name of religion.

Good suggestion.

Good suggestion.

Writers ill intention behind his lengthy article.

This lengthy article timing is very suspicious in my view, Dec 6th, Babri Masjid demolition anniversary is few days ahead, tempers do run high on this day,there are chances that misguided youth may create some nuisance during the day,which may snowball and turn into a full fledge communal problem, such an article appearing on one of the most respected newspapers website is a matter of concern,what is the intention of the writer behind such an article, is he expecting some type of trouble which may break the delicate fabric of hindu-muslim unity, there is no introduction of the writer,who is he, which place he belongs to, what is he upto. Public do need the answer from Siasat, i doubt whether they have checked the credentials of the writer before publishing his article, did anybody check his background,is he having any police record , all these information should be unfolded immediately by siasat. I also request the Hyd Police, to screen the writer, find out the intention behind writing such an article just before Dec 6th, in my view, i find the article ill-timed,i have my own doubts on the article.

Writer's good intension


Well Wisher

Yes dear writer is very well aware of that on this day tooo, the miscreants from any group muslim / hindu will do something against law. Police & RAF start arresting innocent muslim youths blindly that's y this writer is trying hard to make aware of so said laws. But may be he don't know when they come for arrest they don't behave like officers they behave like rowdies & they won't listen anything / anybody. If somebody talk about law, he should get prepare for getting arrested in any charge without any reason. They collect the youths from their houses as rowdies collect their targets.

Allahumma KHAIR

Reply to well wisher.

Instead of all these arrests and dramas, Muslims, like you and me should avoid ourselves from such situations where our integrity is questioned,the funda is simple, if you are creating nuisance,acting indecently against the law,involved in some conspiracy against the country, you are bound to be identified ,arrested and jailed as per law,conspirators of terrorism plan to involve young youths by provoking them with religious and financial assistance,to feel in their trap and act against the nation, if a Muslim, avoids to fell prey, and acts responsibly as a citizen, the question of illegal arrests does not arise at all, let me tell you, Police acts only on a solid proof, there collecting evidences is fool proof,why to take all such risks and involve in anti-national activities, instead, honor the law,and live peacefully,after all life matters most.Family matters most, can you see your parents and family members suffering,No, Decide for yourself, you want to rot in jail or be supportive to your families.

Dear, your suggestion is

Dear, your suggestion is very cool, its easy to advice & talk great when u dont pass practically from anything. Just imagine who wants to spoil their daily life & career, everybody loves their family. I will enlighten u 1 incident once I was on bike going with my family in old city in chowni area, their were policemen in RAKSHAK jeep, it was raining, they stopped their jeep in middle of the road, when i tried to pass from a side, their were big holes filled up with water, I humbly requested this police driver to give me a side to pass. He replied me in a rude way "KYA BOLE, CHALO JAOOO YAARO BAZOO SE". I want to break his teeth at that time but i am helpless & get insulted infront of my wife. Like this 1000's of cases happened daily in hyd., if anyone wants to live like HIJDA ignoring all these, he can live peacefully. If we respond then we called as terrorists, we get arrested etc... Are u aware of last april incident of Saidabad, when these communal groups beat the ladies & men like animals, they r the 1 who created prob., they r the 1st to attack on saidabad, police didnt appear on the scene for 2 hrs. at that time our youths only tried to defense themselves, their families & their houses. After police arrived & during night they arrested 100 of innocent boys from many houses, they entered in houses like thieves & they did this. Sitting in room under fan & advicing all this is very easy, when it happens with u & ur family, u will know the fact whats going on in hyd. or in world.

Thanks, take care, allah hafiz.

Well Done Wajid Bhai

Well Done Wajid Bhai JazakAllah


You can read this article and fall sleep or weep in pain. The attrocities will continue and it will only get worst.

Muslims advocates need to come togather and rescue these innocent and poor muslims who cannot afford advocates.



What Muslims Should Do To Get Justice Against Police Atrocities

This is the best article publish by siasat for current time.
Sir, Qari M S Khan saab.
Kindly try to make workshop along with National Commission for Human Rights and National Minority commission. Along with few experience Lawyers.
To make aware of the LAW as this very useful for all.

Aziz Khan


Assalaamu alaykum, first of all I would like to thank and congratulate Mr. M.S. Khan for the writing most valuable column as a remedy against police atrocities illness. (May Allah SWT. bestow on him with barakah/ blessings and power to write further towards community awareness) In the same time I would appreciate a bit of advice from brother “Aziz Khan Sahab” to make awareness of law in minorities by organizing workshops in different cities in India. It would be more effective if local organizations are involved in for this cause. In my opinion … an organization containing of community intellectuals and lawyers is to be made with the aim to help Muslims victims in India. By this way not only we can help our brothers in their hard time but also to drag the real criminals in the courts for the justice and compensation to the victims.


Assalaamu Alaykum, M.S. Khan sahab, Mubarak baad deta hoon behtreen article likhne ke liye bahot dino baad kisi ney is mouzoo par lab kushaai ki jurrat ki hai balke haqeeqat se sab ahle watan ko roshnaas karwaaya hai (Allah S. W.T. aapkey aur aapkey ahlo ayaal ki zindagee main khair o barakat de aur zor e qalam se aur nawaazey)dar haqeeqat aapki raae laakhon hindustanion ki dil me dabii khwaahishon ki akkasi karti hai. main AZIZ KHAN SAHAB ki raae se muttafiq hoon ke ye workshops saarey hindustaan main munaqid hone cha hiye aur uske liye muqami tanzeemon ko aagey aana chahiye kyoun ke Ye kisi fard e wahid ki bisat se door hai. Eik Organisation all india level par banai jaani chahiye jo daniswaraan e qoum aur qabil wuklaa par mushtamil ho aur saare hindustaan ka ehaata karte huvey qaum ko is na gahani kaifiat se chutkara dila sakey aur jo zulm ke shikaar ho chukey hain aur bina kisi jurm ke sallon jail ki kaal kothrion mein guzaar chukey us ke zummedaar police afsaron ko court main ghaseeta jaey taakey wo man mani karne se pehle 100 baar sochey. YE SAB TAB HI MUMKIN HOGA JAB HUM SAB MAIN ITTEHAAD HO .. Allah Rabbul Izzat hum sab mein ittehaad o Ittefaaq paida karey... Aameen.

Ab Jaando chicha ... kaiku bhashan dere

Ab jaando na chichaa kaiku tobi itta lamba bhashan dere. konsi tobi gandiiii zabaan istemaal kare ki samaj mein hi nai aari thi. Padode miya kidar ke ki.

Kya khaye miya aaj nashte mein .....itti hawaiiii firing karre so.


Ek ho jaye toe ban sakte hai khurshid e mubeen.
warna in bikhre hue taro se kya kaam banega.

Hindus in Kashmir

what about Hindus killed and driven away from Kashmir valley? why are you silent on this?

it is a conspiracy

when hindus are in minority and leave kashmir valley, it is a conspiracy by military, government, ...
when muslims are in minority and leave, that is due to Hindu fundamentalism and atrocities. This is exactly what Mullahs preach you.
my friends. keep religion as a private matter. this is how hindus and christians have started progressing.
respect other faiths and religions whether you are majority or minority.

my dear friend , are you

my dear friend , are you from kashmir ,,if u r a kashmiri then u cant post such a comment ,,becoz what happened to kashmiri hindus is known by everybody living kashmir.where they dragged or killed by muslims or any muslim backed agency,,or was that some political game... MY DEAR FRIEND U MUST KNOW the reality.

what u said

Police killed there in kashmir valley ----for your information ASSADUDDIN vist the kashmir and he solved more of the problem If you dont know then dont raise the question.---ok

Half Knowledge Media Bug

Half Knowledge & media bug
There were so many riots we witness in India nobody has migrated to any other place why only pandits came out of kashmir...did you question yourself.
This was the conspiracy of Indian military to take free hand on muslims in the region, if they go free hand pandits who are minority in that region might get killed from minority they will become zero therefore they(military) have asked all the pandits leave kashmir immediately so that they can take action on muslims freely. Only those deserve to stay in kashmir who faces the hardships and atrocities of police/military and losing the lives of dear ones.

Our Indian media/police/military are biased and they will die because of their profession.

An Indian



Half Knowledge & media bug

Well said brother .... you have given a good reply ... JAZAK ALLAH

This can be True

Ofcourse the above can be very much true since Delhi administration is famous for playing roles. Then need to register all artificial atrocities on hindus in United Nations while being mute spectator to Indian Army atrocities on Muslims.

Simple:Don't support people doing illegal activities

Muslims should be more focused on doing things legally.
Not to get into cinema black marketing,auto theft and other petty crimes.Also they should desist from throwing stones at the police.
If they don't break laws,police will not trouble them or their friends.
Muslim boys should keep away from their Hindu friends doing such petty crimes also,as they get a bad name.

As you sow so shall you reap

In case the Muslims desire a secular country,they too should be secular in their approach.
Everywhere the Muslims use derogatory words for non Muslims and expecting warmth and affection from them is ridiculous.
Note the following points
Go to any theatre and see who are doing blackmarketing.
See the dropouts from schools.
See the girls of tender age who are being married(SOLD) to rich Arabs in the form of contract marriages.
Though child labour is illegal,see the number of parents sending their 10-12 year kids to work and that too in Muslim establishments.
These things are bringing harm to Muslims and they only need to adhere to the teachings of Islam to prevent getting into trouble.
If Muslim boys throw stones at Police after Friday prayers at Mecca masjid,they dont expect the police to feed them with Biryani.They should be ready to get dandas.

how about Mohammed Fasih

I wonder if you know Mohammed Fasih? He is an Engineer who was working in Saudi Arabia, one fine day Saudi Authorities arrested him on the behest of Indian Government. He was living with his family (wife and a daughter)all the folks who know him does not have anything disturbing to utter about him.

Everyone is in shock as to why this young engineer was arrested.
how do you want Muslims to take it?


That are how sleeper agents work.
Don't criticize Indian govt which has given equal status to every citizen.
Let intelligence agencies/security agencies,Armed forces do their work so that every Indian can sleep in peace.
Next you will sya that Abdul Qadir,the life convict, too is innocent and should get an award for bravery.

deprived for 65 years

3 generations deprived of jobs, basic rights, education in simple words.

In the meanwhile you got through with reservations, in jobs, education and everywhere and now you grow up to make fun of us.

InshAllah we will rise and we will treat you well. History repeats itself Insh'Allah.

Re:deprived for 65 years

Education: Parents not sending children to schools and send to work as child labour,employed by rich well to do Muslims.
Basic rights: Underage marriage of girls.Protest by Muslim community for common civil code.
Jobs: During recruitment in army there are no candidates appearing for selection.Don't take pride in serving the nation.
Christians,Sikhs,Brahmins,Buddhists,Jains etc have got no reservation.
4% reservation is there for Muslims anyway.
Wakf lands sold by Muslim leaders.
Rich Arabs marrying poor Muslim girls from Hyderabad & leaving them behind.
In case progress is desired the faults have to be rectified and blame game has to stop.



excellent advice...

excellent advice...

Good Information.

Kudos Siasat for enlightening by such article. Keep posting such valuable information educating thru this valuable news paper. Request also placed to make news if discussion / presentation is made in Lok or Rajiya Sabah on Muslims / Minorities. Irrespective the MP you like or dislike it is for the sake of Umma.

In Additions

Good advise.. apart from this if u also post the aquittals stories and their legalities In english and urdu and hind papers it like the book written by aligad university proffessers. FRAMED DAMNED AND ACQUITTED ....... no more trust in admin. And police of india.......

Excellent advice. We should

Excellent advice. We should all follow this, so that the biased govt of india and the police officials should not put their hands on innocent muslims.





iqra - Education

Respected Readers,
Why it is not possible to us to educate (via masjid Friday bayan's, urdu media, collage students...etc) poor old city Muslims those are the only sufferers all these riots each time... Why Still Street venders children’s are again street venders...riksha wala childrens got upgraded same field autowala....lack of education.
Islam is easy, simple and sweet religion, why masjid imams are making it fearful in their speeches....ye nai karna wo nai karna ,nai tho ALLAH ka azab ata...magar kya kaiku nai karna kon bolthe?...bolthe tho bhi dara dara ke bolthe…
Maibhi bachpan se...woich jumma ke bayana sunru...ALLAH ek hai, dunya aur akirath ka malik hai. Kon bholthe ALLAH hum insaan se kya chahatha hai/kaiku chahatha hai?
I am asking you all.. ALLAH ku kya koi kami hai kya jo hum insaan ke khud-ekthiyari-halakath ke dua-e khubol karthe rehne….
Apne logo ku..abhi tak nawab giri aadath nai gai…subha udthe derse….khana khaie tho ghosh hona…..(Lion/tigers eats only meat as their food…have you seen their rough and dangerous face). Koi kuch boldiye tho phele ghali pir dhange fasaath….isliye kufaar ko muoka milra..jo hum musalmana dere hum per unki hukumath chala ne…jab ke hamare paas ALLAH hai..jo hum srif naam lethe jab jarujath padetho..nai tho mast sojao-full kheech-aur dawatha dawatha dawatha…

ALLAH hum sob ku hidayath de aur us hidayath per samaj ne ki salayath de aur samaj ne ke liye elim ki wabasthi de aur elim ko yaad rakne ke liye memory power bhi de..InshAllah Ameen.

Lakeer ke fakeer

Ye article puri India ke Musalmano ka hai. Azuk bazuk ke logon ko dekh kar saare Musalmano ke baare mat likho beta. Der se uthna to bahut buri baat hain, gosh khane me (bail ka, gai ka, goat ka) koi burai nahi. Gosh nahi kayeto Vitamin B ki kami hoti yaad rakho.

Unrealistic report.

This lengthy report is unrealistic, the writer is not aware of how police make arrest, all do`s and dont`s he has given is good only to be read, Police have different ways to make arrests,every time they make any arrest, they use a new way to make arrest, keep aside all these unrealistic ideas, instead, Muslim youths should keep away from communal forces, follow Indian constitution. Muslims in India, comparatively to Pakistan or any other Muslim country,are free and Independent, if any one breaks the rules, he has to face the consequences, it is as simple as this. As you sow you reap, Police do not have any personal enmity towards individuals in general or Muslims in particular, it is some misguided youths who are provoked by communal forces or some fanatics act in haste and repent in leisure, Love your country,and follow rules,everything will be O.k.

Mr Unrealistic

you talking like a nice guy, how about you go to charminar and remove that illegal structure at the feet of sacred mosque and go around in remove all these idols and stones erected everywhere, than talk about following the law.

Reply to Annonymous.

This is the problem with you Muslim guys,the topic of discussion was something else, and you are commenting on some other issue, you people have a typical mind set,you need to be focused, read the above article once again, and try to understand what is the writer has to say, and then re read my comment once again and try to understand the content,the bottom line is that, if you are an Indian, you have to follow the Indian constitution, respect the law, and act as a responsible situation, for you Muslims, Saudia and Pakistan Govt are best, they break your bones if you violate their laws, or otherwise they will hang you for the crimes you people have committed, every friday there are at least two execution, and here in India, which has given you Muslims complete freedom, you people take advantage of it, backstab, jis thali mein khathe woh, usi thali mein chedh karthe woh, you people will never learn to live peacefully, it is because of stupid thinking, you people are globally hated, in the name of Islam, which is one of the best religion, you kill your own people, shame on you, if you want to live in India, respect the Indian law, dont violate any laws, behave responsibly and live peacefully, We Indians, irrespective of the unrest and communal disturbances you and your mullahs politically parties create, we have tolerated you, the time has come you act responsibly.

why you compare pakistan

Why you compare pakistan or saudia arab..That's the problem you mr nice guy anonymous.when "LAW PROTECTOR BREAKS LAWS" then give him same punishment that the problem with you..when we talk about laws for every one you talk about different muslim countries..if you want to make India save and prosperous then JUSTICE SHOULD BE DONE to every individual..even hard core hindu also..he is not above the law.. and don't talk about "jis thali mein khathe woh, usi thali" Thali kisi kay bab ki nahi hai we are here for more than 1000 years you still talking about other countries..your sick..

You are talking as if you

You are talking as if you know the Indian police personally, u r talking like an RSS agent; the above article is true which is followed by most of the Indian police who are linked up with communal parties, not only in Police department these communal minded people are spreaded in the whole system of India. To be frank some fanatic peopes job is to go through all the comments or writes comments in media either to spread hatred or confuse people. I guess u r doing same.


The majority of police personal do not act what happenned at the time of arrest, as it is their daily money miniting business hours during office timinig, either you go against the police or take help with lawyers, the trend is "you are in trouble how much you can spend", even the accused parents say to leave what has happen and say all is your destiny.

Brother we agree what you said is to fight with courage, but every human cannot face it, i could only say, how these people are united, likewise the organisation to be introduced in order to assist or protect such innocent people and take them out from such happenings and show with the help of media how the injustice is taking place communally.

Every day pass away and the innocents will suffer, waiting as to where the help would come from god the Almighty.

I have observed only the majority in this world will help to be united to fight.

Great----we applaude

Brother Qari M S Khan-----really we appreciate for your great information that what you have given to the people--------this is information now I request of the reader think how we have to impalement------------ to our brother those who are in the police custody.
Secondly-----Profile of a MUSLIM.
These verses from the Quran sketch the Profile of a Muslim (Mu’min). Success for a Muslim doesn’t automatically follow belief. It requires fulfillment of certain conditions.
(Qur'an: Surah 23: Al-Muminoon: ayaat: 1-11)
1. Successful indeed are the believers.
2. Those who offer their Salat (prayers) with all solemnity and full submissiveness.
3. And those who turn away from Al-Laghw (dirty, false, evil vain talk, falsehood, and all that Allah
has forbidden).
4. And those who pay the Zakat.
5. And those who guard their chastity (i.e. private parts, from illegal sexual acts)
6. Except from their wives or (the slaves) that their right hands possess, – for then, they are free from blame;
7. But whoever seeks beyond that, then those are the transgressors;
8. Those who are faithfully true to their Amanat (all the duties which Allah has ordained, honesty, moral responsibility and trusts) and to their covenants;
9. And those who strictly guard their (five compulsory congregational) Salawat (prayers) (at their fixed stated hours);
10. These are indeed the inheritors
11.Who shall inherit the Firdaus (Paradise). They shall dwell therein forever.
* * *
We as Muslims therefore should ensure the following:
* Offer prayers regularly at the fixed times and by consciously standing in front of The Almighty Allah with total submission.
* Become cognizant about what Allah has forbidden and making a conscious effort to stay away from it. Just as we love to keep our bodies clean, we should be concerned about keeping our hearts untainted and pure by guarding ourselves from all that is dirty, evil, false and worthless in our talk, and from everything else that we have been forbidden.
* Promptly pay Zakat as soon as it is due and not delaying or making excuses, for the Zakat amount is ‘poor due’ and doesn’t belong to us.
* Not become brazen about matters pertaining to sex, or immune to shamelessness and promiscuity. Preserving human dignity and decency paves the way for a healthy society.
* Find legitimate gratification of desires only in our spouses.
* Not betray trust or go back on one’s word.
These verses explicitly convey that abiding by these get us into Paradise for eternal happiness!

Apne khayalo ki hifazat karo Kyunki wo tumhare alfaz bante hai Apne alfaz ki hifazat karo kyunki wo tumhare aamal bante hai Apne aamal ki hifazat karo kyunki wo tumhara qirdar bante hai Apne kirdar ki hifazat karo Kyunki wo tumhari pehchan bante hai"

Fabulous job

Dear Wajid bhai,

You have done a fabulous job with detailed and thorough knowledge and instructions which can be utilized in a proper manner by muslim youth to achieve the target and to fight the atrocities which is fastly prevailing in our society.

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