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Will the Govt. imprison Togadia?

Friday, 11 January 2013
Hyderabad, January 11:

(Siasat News) Not only the General Secretary of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Mr. Praveen Togadia considers himself to be above law, the Govt. of A.P. also considers so. This is the reason that despite registering a number of cases against Mr. Togadai, A.P. police doesn’t deem it essential to arrest him. It doesn’t even think appropriate to interrogate him. He is infamous about his harsh talks and about spreading venom against the Muslims. It is very surprising that our police doesn’t take cognizance of such cases unless the Law and order situation of the city gets worsened after making hateful speeches. Whenever such incidents take place, the police becomes active temporarily. It didn’t make an attempt to abandon the entry of such speakers into the city. Only one police officer, Mr. M.V. Krishna Rao had declared that if Mr. Togadia enters Hyderabad city, he would be arrested but unfortunately he was transferred soon.

After this announcement made by this police officer, Mr. Togadia visited Hyderabad a number of times. He made speeches and tried to divide people on the basis of religion. If our police had arrested him, the law and order situation of our city wouldn’t have become so worst.

In the same way, police is not taking any action against those T.V. cable operators and channels which have been spreading venom.

Mr. Togadia has been visiting Hyderabad every now and then for a long time. Whenever he visits Hyderabad, he pollutes the atmosphere of the city either by talking to newsmen or addressing public meetings. Although cases have been registered against him in Chaintanyapuri and Sanjeeva Reddy Nagar police stations, but only trivial charges have been framed against him in those cases. It only shows that our police adopts discriminatory attitude with people who spread hatred. It is not only the case of Mr. Togadia. There are other leaders of R.S.S. and Bajrang Dal also in this list. It has come to be known that Mr. Togadia is visiting Hyderabad on 28th January. He would stop over at Hyderabad on his way to Vijayawada tour. Whenever Praveen Togadia visists Hyderabad, he meets Hindu activists and moulds their minds and incites them against the Muslims. During his last visit of Hyderabad, he had met city doctors and lawyers. He had also claimed that the issue of Bhagyalakshmi Temple of Hyderabad would be converted into Ayodhya issue.

It is not that there is no provision in our laws to take action against those who spread hatred against certain sections of society.

--Siasat News--

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Togadias speaks the truth atleast and makes his stand clear, but our ruling party projects itself as secular and does something else behind screen. Wether UPA or NDA they are sides of the same coin. Actually we have to salute the Britishers who ruled India and created a divide between two major indian communities to benefit their community. The Hindu-muslim communal divide which will end it appears only with the end of world. While these two communities are busy with their fights, the other community is slowly but steadily growing from strength to strength financially and population wise and r busy with conversion programmes making hey while sun shines. And one day our friend Tagodia will realise that it has come to a point of no return. Deemagh key batti jalao and asli cheez samjo.

Beauty of ISLAM

I'd like to emphasize my statement here "... for people who feel that the humongous population of Muslims in India are outsiders, just be aware of the fact that a majority of them are their own brethren who had accepted Islam as their religion seeing the beauty of it." Islam is so beautiful, that no words can describe it. Basically BHAGWAN/GOD /ALLAH/KHUDA created everything there is. Mind you that Allah is in the Arabic language, God in English, Bhagwan in Hindi/Sansrit, and KHUDA in URDU. Essentially a Muslim is any person who believes that there is only one God and Mohd (PBUH) is his messenger/prophet and servant. It is also incumbent on a Muslim to believe that JESUS CHRIST (ISAA), MOSES (MUSAA), JACOB (YAQUB), JOSEPH (YOUSUF), ABRAHAM (Ibrahim), ISAAC (Ishaq), ISHMAEL (Ismail) and all the other numerous prophets (Peace be upon all of them) are messengers of the CREATOR. So a MUSLIM is inherently a JEW & a CHRISTIAN as well because they believe the initial pure message that was the faith of the actual people of the BOOK. All Muslims believe in the virgin birth of Jesus (PBUH), he was born without a father because God just said BE AND HE WAS. Muslims consider him to be a rightful and important prophet and messenger who in his second coming will fill it with Justice and a single religion. Muslims and Christians alike await the day he will come back on this Earth again. God had sent 124000 Prophets in each and every part of the World since time immemorial, culminating with prophets Jesus Christ (PBUH) 2000 years ago and Mohd (PBUH) 1400 years ago. There were no Christians before God sent Jesus Christ as his messenger, and no Jews before Prophet Moses was sent. It is up to each person to analyze why God kept sending these prophets to bring people back to the right belief (Because Man according to his own whims and fancies kept changing the original message that was conveyed by those illustrious prophets) until he sent his last and Final messenger, the Prophet of Islam PBUH. It might very well be that Lord RAMA and Lord KRISHNA were representatives of God in the ancient times. We do respect them, and condemn anybody who shows disrespect to them, the Quran also prohibits it. Prophet Mohd (PBUH) was sent with a final MESSAGE for the whole of Mankind, as a mercy from GOD. Also his coming has been foretold in the ancient HINDU scriptures such as the VEDAS, the PURANAS, the UPANISHADS, as well as the Old Testament the Torah, the Bible etc. A lot of people see the proofs in their own holy books, and if they strive hard to know the truth, they will be guided. I am proud as well as glad to be a Muslim and I hope everybody can respect my belief that I share with 1.5 billion fellow Muslims all over the world.

The bone of contention

Pravin Togadia – ” If People are Stopped From Going To Bhagyalaxmi Mandir, I Will Turn Hyderabad Into Ayodhya”. Tagodia stated that lakhs of Hindus will throng to Hyderabad like they did in Ayodhya. Furthermore he threatened that there are 100 crore Hindus in India who can crush the Muslims... the rest the wise can themselves link and understand, Eint ka jawaab pathar se. Regarding this BHAGYALAKSHMI mandir, it suddenly cropped out of nowhere in 1962 on one corner of the Charminar, a National Heritage site. Also if you look at old pictures of Charminar you can very well see that there was no Mandir attached to the side of Charminar. Plus the Charminar itself is a masjid and its base used to be the ablution area. Initially the mandir was made by an old lady who took up minimal space. But gradually it kept growing and expanding to the present stage. And a couple of months ago there were further plans of expanding it, the proverbial last straw that broke the camel’s back. Patience ran out prompting the muslims and the MIM to stall the expansion by taking a legal course of action. At no point in the recent conflict were Hindus stopped from performing puja over there, the only bone of contention was the expansion. The threat by Tagodia was totally unwarranted and uncalled for. Owaisi's speech is nothing compared to the venom puked out by the likes of Togadia, Modi, Thackreys, Uma Bharati etc, but again the law is not equal. All the freedom is for the Hindus and all the laws are for the muslims. HUM AAH BHI KARTEY HAI THO BADNAAM HOJATAY HAI... WOH QATAL BHI KARTAY HAI THO CHARCHA NAHI HOTA. See this link http://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-national/temple-beside-charminar... for proof that there was no mandir abutting the CHARMINAR. THE HINDU 'Temple beside Charminar – more evidence' HYDERABAD, November 22, 2012. An execrpt form this article "We are now able to present four additional photographs from The Hindu’s own archives that confirm the temple is a recent structure. One photograph - shot in 1962 – shows no temple structure."

Yes he can be arrested

In case Muslims have any evidence of hate speech they can file a complaint with evidence as has happened in the case of Mr owaisi.

Saisat Kab tak Tafreqa Dal te Rohage

Being aleader of a political party why Saisat is not pulling the legs of CM in regard to the arrest of Togadia.

When Mr.Akbar Owaisi pin pinted saisat tries to get the statement of Mr.Abbasi and posted in the newspaper.

yeh harami ko hyderabad ki

yeh harami ko hyderabad ki zameen par khadam rakhne nahi dena chahiye. congress b inhi se mili huwi hai. musalman bhaiyoon ko chahiye k ab neendh se
jage aur congress jaisi zahrileh party ko Ap se nikale.

In this country Saffron

In this country Saffron Terrorists are roaming freely and their spoke persons, and their media are active to justify their acts, whereas Government failed to stop in spreading the saffronist agenda in this country.

togadia vs modi

togadia gave sleepless nights to Modi in gujarat. modi had a tough fight (even though result looks different). deeper analysis shows that if congress was little more aggressive and had kesubhai started the party earlier, modi's numbers could have come down. let ap govt ban togadia coming to hyderabad. really need togadia to put fight on modi

Saffron Terrorism: RSS/Bajrang Dal/VHP Axis of Evil


Terror is an age old weapon of Hindutva terrorists. Now as Dalits are rising economically and politically due to reservations in education and jobs, militant Brahmins are increasingly venting their frustration on defenseless minorities. Throughout history of Indian continent, Saffron Terrorists who are consumed by anger, resentment, a lust for revenge, greed, aggressive competitiveness sought to destroy and dehumanize the lower castes due to their distorted political ideology and religious conviction. For the several decades, the followers of Santana Dharma and Vedas who could not prevail either by persuasion or by example have resorted to maligning Islam and the Indian Muslims through their terror organizations / outfits and splinter groups with criminal background operating under the guise of social organizations and in many instances by insinuating the low caste Hindus against Muslims. Although they have caused large scale harm to Muslims financially, physically and psychologically they failed to break the will of Indian Muslims - either because Indian Muslims are not afraid to die for a life worth living, or because the Saffron terrorists themselves came to realize that free Muslims cannot be frightened by threats, organized violence and aggression.
The right wing Hindus should know that when they dehumanize another by inflicting suffering and harm on others, they dehumanized themselves as much as those on whom they trample.


Togadia should be banned from Hyderabad if there is justice and law in this Country

Shame on Siasat giving respect

Shame of Siasat calling Togadia as Mr. Togadia....it seems ZAK have family ties with this safroon terroriest thats the reason siasat giving togadia respect as call this betch as Mr. Togadia ...whereas Siasat dont hesitate to call Asad or Akbar owasia .... Baba Asad is your MP...RESEPCT HIM...otherwise day will come all muslims with hate to read Siasat.

At least siasat

At-least Siasat print this news if this paper own MIM they never print any thing..RESPECT JOURNALISM..you moron


shame on you siasat

He is leader of HINDUTVA

He is leader of HINDUTVA TERROR across the world. Ban him from all the places to enter... including mandirs.

Rule of Law


Togadia is not violating the laws

i am sure, Togadia is supporting his community.he is not insulting allah, muslims peoples like owaisi did.he is obeying law,that is why india is not arrested him.

what i am saying is ,try to live peacefully in india otherwise go to pakistan.
in pakistan everyday terrosists is killing peoples of their own community.

learn to live peacefully.

You go to Nepal my child :-)

You go to Nepal my child :-)

Peace comes with justice

Peace comes with justice, peace will never come when you have double standards,

Exactly. If he has said

Exactly. If he has said anything against their Prophet, We know how Muslims would have reacted. Case in point, Mohammed Cartoons, Innocence of Muslims. Muslims can't even the cartoons of their prophet but wants us to keep numb even after Owaisi's derogatory speech against Lord Ram.

Peace comes with justice

Peace comes with justice, peace will never come when you have double standards,

Congress Himmat tho Karo

Ager congress mein himmat ho tho is makru aadmi ko giraftaar karey phir muslims se vote maangne ana.

woise bhi muslims ka koi dost nahi hota.


The law, the rules are made only to punish the weak and law abiding people, the rest is history. The India is no more a favoured nation for muslims. We should unite all educated, illiterate, lunatics, weak, etc., then only we have a hope for our survival or else face the .....


The law, the rules are made only to punish the weak and law abiding people, the rest is history. The India is no more a favoured nation for muslims. We should unite all educated, illiterate, lunatics, weak, etc., then only we have a hope for our survival or else face the .....


The law, the rules are made only to punish the weak and law abiding people, the rest is history. The India is no more a favoured nation for muslims. We should unite all educated, illiterate, lunatics, weak, etc., then only we have a hope for our survival or else face the .....

why only akbar

Akbar is hyderabad's answer to togadia...............when akbar is arrested then why not togadia !!!!!!!!!!!
I think congress is not ruling the country but RSS........shame on world's largest democracy...............

Where is the media , where are our national channels..........times now.....calling Akbar hote monger I think for them togadia is peace monger????????
Need of the hour is we badly needed few muslims national news channels like ndtv,ibn,times now, headlines today........where are the media gurus ........prannoy roy......Rajdeep Sardesai......Arnab Goswami.........Rahul Kanwal........

Shame on our media.........

Wah !!! Zahid Bhai,

Yes, it is part of your News Paper, and your impartiality will bring high moral living to a common man of any community. Government should wake up as they have shown dare in case of Mr. Akbaruddin Owaisi and now turn of This |Most Wanted Gentleman Mr. Togadia. Now, he should be behind bar without much delay.

Kiran Kumar

Kiran Kumar is Anti-Muslim In Shaa Allaha He Will Not Elected As MLA Also.

Will the Govt. imprison Togadia?

The General Secretary of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), Mr. Praveen Togadia is a staunch anti-Islam and Muslim political activist leader in India famous for his hate speeches in creating waves for killing, looting, generating periodical riots. In his recent hate speech in Hyderabad advising his followers with derogatory insulating remarks not to give jobs to Muslims in India throw them out, as to crush Muslims economics. The state Gov’t is silent and no Law & order action on him for his flary speeches. Whereas, no action either from Indian Gov’t on his serious continuous and heinous remarks spreading hate in India among the communities. Need to remind that, the authorities has to be cautious for his policies following tips from Israel agencies as blue print policies against Palestinian. He is an ardent Israel’s tool following and implementing policies in phases for uprooting Islam and Muslims from India similar to Spain. Amazing he does not know the time has now changed, even in Spain Christians are becoming Muslims and India is not Spain. He is ignorant for his blindness the side effect of his brigades hate policies, spoiling relations with world Arab and Muslim countries in this Global village. Islam religion is flourishing all over the world today because of Truth and a religion for Human beings. He is going against the storm. One of the minor thing , he has forgotten for instance, the side effect in the Indian Economy, Trade, Foreign Policies, Reserve and so on…. If following such prejudice policies only against Muslims particularly for jobs and economics, think of millions of non-Muslim Indians employed in GCC countries in good positions the root cause for sending in Billions of amount as foreign exchange every month to India. To start with this will definitely be disturbed as side effect besides, focus now being made by numerous agencies, committees watching helpless suppressed Indian Muslims on the prejudice policies, action and unjust being done to them. The political, non-political and other Islamic and Gov't policy makers advisors now focus on issues of such developments. This will definitely create change and make difference to the Indian progress as whole, resulting in following the centuries old philosophical polices in this modern global village where millions of Indians are settled in other countries. Time now for stopping this ridicules vision by such orthodox Praveen Togadia and their band making secular India as a Hindu country only for Hindus.


Togadia should not be arrested,he is not violating law like owaisi hatemonger did

Arrest him to show govt. is secular

where is the law in country and judiciary? it is very clear govt is biased and communal and targeting only muslims leaders and innocent ppl. no debates on tv or discussing about Togadia hate speeches...

Mashallah good job siasat /Zahid saab

bht acha step liye aap zahid saab/sisat Aapney aaisey bhi news ko update kartey raho Inshallah sub aap ko appricate kartey ..Har news jo Hindus k leaders ney di hai Update karrey..


Avoid using Mr. for Togadia, he is an extremist. Put pressure on Govt. for action as you have done recently by propaganda. Now judge yourself, whether Govt. is secular and uniform in action or not?

Manam Rajam

BoSS, ye "Manam Rajam" hai, aise jagaon pe koi nai bolta,,,apan zara boltaich dekhe ne kia hua,,,isleye thoda hikmat se kaam lelena, josh,taish se kuch bi nai hota. Hum sub ko maloom hai inlogon k liye dunya sub kuch hai, us k baat to un ko yaan se bi jal k jana hai aur wahan par to bus Allah hu Aalam.

I like to hear from Good & Respected Hindus

What do you think of these people who goes on targetting and tormenting Muslims with verbal torture, using phrases like LET, or ISI or Pakistani.. etc.. etct the long list goes on.

This had been happening since 1947. What do you think Muslims who had been facing these atrocities should do.


Simple. Go to your motherland Pakistan.

Hindu Snake

Snake we a choice to go pakistan and hundereds of muslim nations to go what about you where would you go ??? Hell ??

Ohhh K. Then when are you

Ohhh K. Then when are you going to Nepal, your fatherland ;-)

every land is our land

every land is our land because it was created by our God...do you understand???You draw paintings of women, claim to worship them when get a chance you will rape them yourselves aurat agar devi thi toh phir ye kya tamasha hai...tumse apna desh nahi samlata dusron ku kya bolte..jiski pooja karte ho kamsekam uski izzat to karna sekh lo...

U r telling as if Muslim

U r telling as if Muslim don't rape??
Does Quran Teaches Rapping??
Then Y there r muslim rappists??

Show me a case where Muslims

Show me a case where Muslims are involved...look at the news dear are u reading newspaper at all...you leaders are claiming if woman crosses lax man reka she will pay the price so it seems Sita already paid the price....that's your Ramayana...is owasi or any other making such stupid statements against woman ...I do not support owasi or any political leader but to be honest at least owasi and other Muslims leaders are not stupid to make such irrational comments that your swami and vhp leaders had made like unko bhaiyya boldena tha...or India and Bharat are different...so does India belong to Christian and Muslims and Bharat belongs to Hindus...what 2000yrs old mummified brains they got...

Will the Govt. imprison Togadia?

Not for nothing is Congress infamous for its soft-Hindutva policy. These are the very double-standards, the soft Manuwad that the party follows to keep the Sangh Parivar happy, which has allowed it to gain power in so many states time and again. Only when Hindu terrorism got really serious thereby questioning the intelligence or the lack of it of ourhe Police, IB and Army, that the govt was forced to take action against Hindu terror outfits. The Congress is after all made up of terrible Hindus, who pander to some extent to Muslims only or the sake of their votes. But they must at against Togadia - if not, the Congress would be terribly exposed with their pants down, warts and all.

why this snake Praveen Togadia is not arrested

why this snake Praveen Togadia is not arrested by AP Congress Government of Sonia Gandhiji and Manmohanji? or following the diktats of murderer Modi of Gujarat, this is the message being given to Muslims specially of Hyderabad, the Congress Government of AP has become communal, and biased. if the law of the land is implemented in totality nothing would have happened, bring is communal bill and pass in the parliament and also will to implement them on the ground, without favoring anyone then only peace will prevail everywhere, by doing communal actions the government is alienating the Muslims unnecessary creating problems in Hyderabad. Kiran Kumar reddy is acting like narshimah rao the worst PM the most communal man India has seen at the top.

why this snake Praveen Togadia is not arrested

why this snake Praveen Togadia is not arrested by AP Congress Government of Sonia Gandhiji and Manmohanji? or following the diktats of murderer Modi of Gujarat, this is the message being given to Muslims specially of Hyderabad, the Congress Government of AP has become communal, and biased. if the law of the land is implemented in totality nothing would have happened, bring is communal bill and pass in the parliament and also will to implement them on the ground, without favoring anyone then only peace will prevail everywhere, by doing communal actions the government is alienating the Muslims unnecessary creating problems in Hyderabad. Kiran Kumar reddy is acting like narshimah rao the worst PM the most communal man India has seen at the top.


It is indeed true that this person throws venom whenever he talks. It is high time now that the government & the Police should grill this snake and bring him to justice. This time you dit a good job ZAK, but what about Raja Singh who is already a criminal and now trying to become a politician by spilling venom like his father (togadia).

well Done

We Need this form you ZAK Saab

siasat writers dont write

siasat writers dont write Mr.Togadia whos this is bullshit you people given to respect like Mr. beat him your sleepers when he try came to hyd.


never do any govt to imprison like this people's

tagodia never insulted koran

tagodia never insulted koran and its prophet as well as allah and also he never bragged and incited to kill muslims hence indian law cannot put him in jail or dare to, where as varun gandhi was in jail for hate speech and he got bhaashan from judge and released.this is wake up call for muslims in india be like all other indians without hatred for other religious people and other religions focus on your chosen fields and progress like shahrukh khan,amir khan,abdulkalam,salman kurshid etc.budha tells hatred is like keeping burning coal in hand for the sake of hurting others,before it hurt others it can burn you.

kya naam hai re tera ?

kya naam hai re tera ?

Puppa Khan

Puppa Khan bolte re mere ku!!!!

Duniya he sab kuch nahi hai mere dost?

Is ka comment se ye maloom hora ke iska dil damaagh sab kuch isi duniya mein hai!!! Ab aap sab samajhe gaye honge in kaun hai


Police another means of symbol of PARTIALITY and not follower of Law & Order.

Police real means is for protection (safeguard) of citizens but now adays its in repulsive police became 'Rowdy Sheeter' & impartial towards muslims.

first of all police itself neede to learn and became follower of Law & Order.

We want Law should noted it and issue arrest warrant for Mr. Praveen Togadia with expedite & sever punishment should be given to him.

Several times Mr. Praveen Togadia given hate speeches in last year on visit to hyderabad city in his speeches; why hyderabad police and law & Order not arrested him on such harm in his speeches towards muslims and their sentiments.

Why, central govt, A.P state govt and Law & order not taking action against him for his inhuman words and disrespect to muslims.

Now, we won't keep shut and watching injustice of law & order towards muslims.

We want Law should noted it and issue arrest warrant for Mr. Praveen Togadia with expedite & sever punishment for not less than 3years of imprisonment.

All muslims leaders and big personalities must not put their support to the non muslims and should not think that they would get any benefit from non muslims bcz of such thinking & hopes may you would lose your FAITH in ALLAH.

ALLAH is unique and all mankind would be benefited only from great Almighty ALLAH. Make your INTERFAITH strong from deepth of your soul & heart.

Voice of Muslims.

Now this is challeneg to our police commissioner.

The way he act against the minority in different issue why he is not acting toward majority---------------This biased situation take to people for thinking in the negative way------police has to arrest so called a leader TERROR MINDED PRAVEEN TAGODIA immediately -----booked the cases for unbailable so he has to think before saying something against any community either low caste hindus ----or who ever it may be.

Hello Siasat

The cause for all this is illegally constructed illegal mandirs government is equally responsible for such a things common happening in Hyderabad or any where why dont all hindu or muslims get against it when you say ganga jamuna tehzeeb what does it mean where ever illegal mandirs are constructed we need to accept it. Dear when every body thinks as secular it would not happen even in their religion illegal things are accepted or not i dont know but i see most of political leaders as well as spritual gurus sadhus never said its wrong and dint acted for the law and order which is arising such a problems but due to this Togadia like dogs bark and go off troubling the city its a major play of rss vhp presence in form of police they never stopped them like they did to akber where as just in two speeches of akber they feel seditation, and war against a nation its all to pull back muslims from political mileage. leaving those hate sentences government dint get any other developments of its nation said it as hate. hate is from togadia akber had shown the how to develop a nation.so they act in this way wauh what a LAW of India.

Some sense prevailing in

Some sense prevailing in SIASAT (team)



india hai boss.......Togadia spitting venom against muslims with his hatred speech but that time our so called genius ACP AKKhan was controlling his team and noone has guts to speak against Thuuuugadia. Even our muslim leaders too never spoke to control him. He can distrubute swords, trishools etc., to use against muslims but not even a single muslim leader spoke. India hai bhai...Delhi rape case ke baad pura country hungama kara lekin ayesha mira ke rape-murder ka case kahan solve hua. ek MLA ke relative ku bachaney keliye ek small roudy sheeter ku mujrim bana key jail mein daal diye. Agar police wala apna hai to kuch bhi ho sakta. NTR ke period mein kam se kam safety to thi. Congress ki govt. sirf khao-khilao aur batti bujhao.......

Must Watch

A Story of Hyderabadi Muslim Boy Imran & his false implication. Must watch heartbreaking interview.


biased police

Biased Hyderabad police

hindu he has rights to talk anything

ONLY Hindus he has right to talk about anything.
where is Law & Order when this pig has given hateful speeches.

No Good Hindu is believing this man

He can give hate speech's as much as he wants like his fellow party leaders. We need to realize that no good Hindu with common sense will believe him.

If he will be arrested or not is upto to Mr Kiran Kumar Reddy, he is yet to meet IGP and give instructions.

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