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Aptitude Technical

Comparison based problems 1

Tuesday, 25 September 2012



Analysis the following information and answer the questions given below it:

There are five friends Sana, Nazneen, Mahveen, Arshia and Reha.

i. Sana is shorter than Nazneen but taller than Reha.

ii. Mahveen is tallest. Arshia is a little shorter than Nazneen and little taller than Sana.


1. Who is the shortest?


(a) Reha (b) Sana

(c) Arshia (d) Nazneen

2. If they stand in the order of their heights, who will be in the middle?


(a) Nazneen (b) Reha

(c) Sana (d) Arshia

3. If they stand in the order of increasing heights, who will be the second?


(a) Arshia (b) Sana

(c) Reha (d) Nazneen

4. Who is the second tallest?


(a) Sana (b) Nazneen

(c) Arshia (d) Reha

5. Who is taller than Arshia but shorter than Mahveen?

(a) Nazneen (b) Reha

(c) Sana (d) Date Inadequate

Key: 1. a  2. d  3. b  4. b  5. a


Let us denote the five girl’s height by the first letter of their names

Sana, Nazneen, Mahveen, Arshia and Reha as S, N, M, A and R respectively

After analyzing the information we get this R < S < N < M and S < A < N

Combining both the information we get the order of the height of the girl’s as

R < S < A < N < M

Answer for 1st question is Reha is shortest.

Answer for 2nd question is Arshia as if they stand in the order of heights she will be in the middle.

Answer for 3rd question is Sana as if they stand in the order of increasing heights i,e shortest to tallest, Sana is the second position.

Answer for 4th question is Nazneen as she is second tallest.

Answer for 5th question is Nazneen is taller than Arshia but shorter than Mahveen.


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