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Aptitude Technical

Comparison based problems 2

Thursday, 27 September 2012



Read the following information given below and answer the questions that follow:

A * B means A and B are the same age.

A – B means B is younger than A.

A+B means A is younger than B.


1.Sanjana * Mumtaz – Reha means

(a)Reha is youngest   (b) Reha is the oldest

(c)Mumtaz is younger than Reha  (d) None of these


2.X+Y+Z is same as


(a) Y-X-Z                           (b) Z-Y-X

(c) Z-X-Y                           (d) None of these


3.For an expression Farha-Fardina-Arif which of the following cannot be correct under any circumstances?


(a)Arif is father of Farha.      (b)Arif is the younger brother of Farha.

(c)Farha is the mother of both Arif and Fardina. (d) None of these


Key: 1. a  2. b      3. a



1: Sanjana*Mumtaz-Reha means Sanjana and Mumtaz are of the same age and Reha is younger than Mumtaz. This means that Reha is the youngest.

2.X+Y+Z means X is younger than Y and Y is younger than Z. This can also be written as Z-Y-X.

3.Farha-Fardina-Arif means Fardina is younger than Farha and Arif is younger than Fardina. This means that Arif is younger than Farha.

So, Arif cannot be the father of Farha.


Please check

Please Check the 3rd Question Key and Explanation not Matching.

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