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Aptitude Technical

Comparison based problems 6

Sunday, 7 October 2012


Read the following information carefully and answer the questions given below it:

(A) Ayesha is shorter than Neha but taller than Kavya.

(B) Nazneen is shorter than Kavya.

(C) Deepti is taller than Nazneen.

(D) Neha is taller than Deepti.

1.Who among them is the tallest?

(a) Ayesha   (b) Neha

(c) Kavya     (d) Nazneen

2.Which of the given information is not necessary to answer the above question?

(a) A           (b) B

(c) C           (d) D

Key: 1. b 2. c


In terms of height we have:

Ayesha < Neha……….(1)

Kavya < Ayesha…(2)

Nazneen < Kavya…(3)

Nazneen < Deepti…(4)

Deepti < Neha………(5)

Combining (1) ,(2) and (3) we get Nazneen < Kavya < Ayesha < Neha

From above relation and (5), it is clear that Neha is talest among them.

Answer for 4th question is (b), Clearly, Neha is tallest.

As statement C is not used in the decision-making it is not necessary.

Answer for 5th question is (c).


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