Sunday , December 4 2016
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1.5 mn using high speed Wi-Fi at railway stations


New Delhi: Tech giant Google in a survey said that nearly 1.5 million Indians are using high speed Wi-Fi services at 19 railway stations across the country. Google said “On the occasion of the inaugural World Wi-Fi Day by the Wireless Broadband Alliance that aims to provide a platform to help bridge the digital divide, we want to take this moment to celebrate the milestone we have hit with our project with Railtel to provide high speed Wi-Fi at railway stations across India.”

With this project, Google wants to create abundant broadband access to millions of Indians who are either currently not online or are using it in limited capacity.

According to the data provided, Bhubaneshwar has overtaken Mumbai Central in terms of data usage within a day of the launch and the company is seeing similar usage patterns in other tier 2 cities like Patna, Jaipur and Vishakhapatnam. The company said that the average consumption per user on the network is 15 times the data they would consume on a 3G pack in a day.

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