Tuesday , August 22 2017
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10-yr-old minor raped by con godman

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New Delhi: In a horrible incident that has been reported in a village near Jaitpur, where a minor 10-yr-old innocent child was raped by a man who claimed to be a godman.

According to the Police, the girl was sexually abused for the past 4-5 months on the pretext of rituals said the girl.

The accused lived near the girl’s hut and used to perform rituals for the village people. The girl’s mother was also among the villagers who visited the con godman.

The girl unable to bear the pain told her mother about it. She said she was earlier threatened by him saying he would put a curse on their family.

The Police has arrested the con godman after the victim’s mother registered a case against him.

The accused used to assault the girl taking her into a room while her mother was busy performing the ritual said the girl, reported the sources.