Sunday , August 20 2017
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100 days of Yogi: “Once upon a time, India lived in Peace”

By Sana Sikander

With Yogi Adityanath set to complete 100 days as CM of UP, we thank the Minister for letting us feel the pain of our freedom fighters and letting us apprehend the era before Indian Independence.


Yogi’s accomplishments include:


  • Closure of illegal slaughter houses while India procures first position in exporting Holy Cow’s meat.


  • Set up of anti-Romeo squads while GRP constable rapes fasting woman.


  • Saharanpur riots between upper caste Thakurs and Dalits over the garlanding of an Ambedkar statue.


  • Cow vigilantism (or) Gundagardi in killing innocents with false accusation of beef export.


  • Removal of district magistrates & SHO’s so as to create ease for BJP and Bajrang Dal to take law and order in hands.


  • Preserving the secularism of India by arresting Bheem Army chief and Dalit leader Chandrashekhar and admiring the Bajrang Dal men for attacking police stations.


Well, with these amazing achievements in your plate, I offer my heartfelt congratulations with a hope that you, at any level be able to put back the ‘peace’, the nation “once lived in”!