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1000-yr old Kerala mosque open its doors for women

1000-yr old Kerala mosque open its doors for women

At a time when there is a debate whether women can be allowed entry into the Haji Ali dargah in Mumbai, the age-old Juma Masjid at Thazhathangadi in Kerala’s Kottayam district, for the first time opened its doors for women.

This 1000 year old Juma Masjid believed to be among the 11 mosques constructed by Malik bin Dinar, the eighth century religious preacher from Arabia.

The women in the community were never allowed to take a look at the inside of the mosque. It was open reportedly after an appeal by the local populace.

It also houses the centuries-old sundial, sacred writings from the Quran embossed in wood, the stunning Maalikappuram and the richly carved facades, among other objects of interest.

Muslim women in the right attire can enter the mosque only on the two days as decided by the committees. The right to enter however does not mean right to pray,” said Moulauddeen, the Chief Imam.

“There are several people who are not happy with the decision. For now, outsiders cannot enter. Only Muslim women can and about women praying inside, we will discuss in future,” said MP Nawab, president, mosque committee.