12 pc Muslim reservation campaign transformed into public movement

, 10:49 AM IST

President Greater Hyderabad City Congress Minority Department Mr. Shaikh Abdullah Sohail said that 12 pc Muslim reservation campaign initiated by Congress has been transformed into public movement. Students in large numbers are supporting the campaign. Non Government Organisations are also joining the movement. Signature campaign has been extended to districts. Mr. Shaikh Abdullah Sohail said that signature movement has been intensified. Thousands of students are participating in the signature campaign demanding 12 percent Muslim reservations as promised. Signature forms have reached several educational institutions in both the cities.

The signature campaign initiated by Congress on April 4 has received overwhelming response. Positive response is also received on social media. Mr. Sohail has thanked people who are supporting signature campaign and urged public to email on [email protected] or contact 917842369212 for sms or WhatsApp message or visit Facebook page yes for 12% Muslim reservation.

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