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14-year-old student eloped with teacher, steals cash from home

14-year-old student eloped with teacher, steals cash from home

BAREILLY: In a shocking incident a 14-year-old boy eloped with his 22-year-old school teacher by stealing a cash worth Rs 8,000 and jewellery from his home on December 1.

The school teacher was also the daughter of the school’s owner. The boy’s family realised he was missing only the following morning. The woman’s family have filed a complaint with the police.

The father of the student who works with a private firm in the Faridpur area said. “My son eloped with the school teacher after stealing money and jewellery from our house. He did this at her behest. The woman is not of sound character and lured my son into commiting the crime and running away with her.”

He added.”I have been helplessly running around in search of my son ever since we found out he was missing, but without success. Given his age, he does not have the courage or mental maturity to take such an extreme step or take care of himself, wherever he is. I have been wary of informing the police but will do it on Monday.”

The father of the woman said in a complaint that the boy’s family has cooked up the story to settle old scores. “I had fired one of the acquaintances of the boy’s family who used to teach at my school. The entire incident is a conspiracy by the family to seek revenge. We have lodged a complaint with the police.”

Yamuna Prasad, the superintendent of police (rural) said. “This is a bizarre case. The woman’s family is claiming that the minor boy abducted her at the behest of his family. We have registered an FIR under abduction against the boy. Prima facie, it does not appear likely. It is possible that the two of them were in a relationship and eloped to escape the wrath of both families. We are investigating the matter at the moment.”