150 employees leave for Vijayawada with heavy heart

150 employees leave for Vijayawada with heavy heart

Hyderabad: The grim faced 150 government employees allotted to Andhra Pradesh State due to united State bifurcation were leaving for Vijayawada.

The government employees were allotted on the basis of their nativity to the respective States — Telangana and Andhra Pradesh as per the AP Re-organization Act. Just before boarding a bus for Vijayawada, the Andhra employees emotionally embraced their colleagues, who belong to Telangana. They said, “We are leaving Telangana with a heavy heart as we work along with their colleagues for decades together”.

           However, they said there is no chance as we have to  leave the place to go to our own state where we service with same enthusiasm .

           While leaving the state, Andhra Pradesh employees expressed hope that both telugu states should get developed and there should not be any room for  controversies between two states.(NSS)