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1,500 kgs of ‘heroine’ seized off Gujarat coast

1,500 kgs of ‘heroine’ seized off Gujarat coast

New Delhi: Following intelligence reports, the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) was successful in apprehending a Merchant Vessel carrying 1,500 kilos of heroin, off the coast of Gujarat, official sources reported.

The Indian Coast Guard Ship Samudra Pavak intercepted the Vessel carrying heroine worth of Rs 3500 crore at 12.00 hrs on 29 July 2017.

“The Indian Coast Guard ship ‘Samudra Pavak’ intercepted and apprehended a merchant vessel carrying approximately 1,500 kg of heroin valued at about Rs 3,500 crore off the coast of Gujarat,” said a statement by defence PRO Abhishek Matiman.

“Based on intelligence inputs, the vessel was intercepted at around 1200 hrs yesterday. This is the largest single haul of narcotics seized till date,” the statement added.

One of the Porbandar Special Operations Group official said the ICG has called in for a meeting around 4 pm on Sunday.

This the largest single apprehension of narcotics till date, the joint investigation of the vessel is being carried out by ICG, IB, Police, Customs, Navy and other agencies.

More details are awaited