17-year-old British citizen murders a Saudi girl student wearing “Hijab” in the UK by stabbing her 16 times

, 7:16 AM IST

Jeddah: A teenager from Britain admitted that he killed a 31-year-old Saudi Research Scholar, Nahid Almanea, by stabbing her 16 times when she was walking from her hotel towards the University of Essex 17th June, 2014.

She was stabbed in the head and the body. She was found in a pool of blood just six month after she had moved to UK for her studies.

Teenager also admitted his guilt to the murder of James Attfield (33) by stabbing him over 100 times. The girl named Almanea was wearing “Hijab”. She had moved to Britain a few months back for carrying out research for Ph.D.

The culprit was found with a knife on 26th May, 2015 in the same area where Almanea was murdered. Police arrested him.