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Over 1800 IAS officers fail to give details of their immovable assets

New Delhi : Over 1,800 IAS officers have failed to give an account of their immovable assets to the Government this year.

All IAS officers are mandated to submit their details of Immovable Property Returns (IPR’s) of the year by January end failing which their promotion and other services will be denied.

According to Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) data, as many as 1,856 IAS officers have not submitted their returns for 2016.

The highest marked are 255 officers from UP cadre, 153 officers from Rajasthan, 118 officers from Madhya Pradesh, 109 officers from West Bengal and 104 officers from Arunachal Pradesh-Goa-Mizoram-Union Territories(AGMUT) cadre.

Civil services officers are also mandated to give their details of their assets and liabilities to the Government as per the Government norms.

The officers are supposed to take permission from the government before they can accept any gifts worth more than 5,000. They are also supposed to inform the Government if they are presented with gifts more than 25,000 even by their relatives or friends as per the Government norms.

There are 82 IAS officers from Karnataka cadre, 81 from Andhra Pradesh, 74 from Bihar, 72 each from Odisha and Assam- Meghalaya, 70 from Punjab, 67 from Maharashtra, 64 from Manipur-Tripura and 60 from the Himachal Pradesh cadre who have not submitted the IPR for 2016, according to the DoPT data.

As many as 56 IAS officers of Gujarat cadre, 55 of Jharkhand, 52 from Haryana, 51 of Jammu and Kashmir, 50 from Tamil Nadu, 43 of Nagaland, 38 of Kerala, 33 from Uttaranchal 29 from Sikkim and 26 from newly-formed Telangana have also not submitted their IPRs, it said.

The total sanctioned strength of IAS is 6,500, including 1,450 promotion posts. Of them, 5,004 IAS officers are working in various parts of the country.

Besides, there are 1,527 and 1,537 IAS officers, including some from central civil services, who have not submitted their IPRs for 2015 and 2014 respectively.

According to the details mentioned in an online system meant for submission of IPRs, there are 1,461 and 1,764 bureaucrats who have not given such details for 2013 and 2012, respectively.

A total of 2,150 and 2,418 officers have failed to submit the IPRs for 2011 and 2010 respectively, the report said as reported in iniatoday.