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2-day annual celebrations of Zinda Dilan-e-Hyderabad

2-day annual celebrations of Zinda Dilan-e-Hyderabad

Hyderabad: As part of its 2-day annual celebrations, Zinda Dilan-e-Hyderabad is going to hold a literary meeting on November 25, at Indira Priya Darshini Auditorium, Bagh-e-Aam, at 6 pm, chaired by Padma Shree Mujtaba Husain. Noted humourists will present their masterpieces.

An all India comedy mushaira will be also be held under the chairmanship of Siasat editor Mr. Zahed Ali Khan on Saturday, November 26, at 8 pm, at Numaish Ground.

Noted humour poets, Popular Meerathi, Mukhtar Yousufi (Malegaon), Kaleem Samar Badayuni, Masroor Shahjehanpuri, Dr. Razi Amroohi, Nashtar Amroohi (Delhi), Aleem Khan Falki (Jeddah), Sunder Maleganavi, Chacha Palmouri (Mahboob Nagar) and Iqbal Shana (Bodhan) besides local poets will regal the audience with their poetry.

Iqbal Shana (Bodhan) will be the convenor of the mushaira.

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