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Hyderabad: 20-year-old girl was raped by two classmates for three years

Hyderabad: 20-year-old girl was raped by two classmates for three years

Hyderabad: Bahadurpura Police arrested Zeeshan Ahmed (23) a resident of Huda Colony, Attapur Rajendra Nagar who had been raping a 20-year-old girl classmate of a college at Abids. The girl was a student of B.Sc. The girl’s younger sister was Zeeshan Ahmed’s friend. Zeeshan blackmailed the girl, took her to his residence at Kishan Bagh, Bahadurpura and raped her. Knowing this, another student of the same college, Syed Adil also blackmailed the girl, took her to a rented house in Kishan Bagh, Bahadurpur area and he also raped her. He continued sexual harassment for three months and the girl became pregnant. Syed Adil took the girl to Zeenath hospital located at Tigalkunta and forced her to abort. The victim took admission in B.Tech in a college where Zeeshan Ahmed again started blackmailing her saying that if she does not consent for sexual act, he would put the objectionable photographs on the facebook. He also forced the girl for registering a complaint with the police against Syed Adil for getting her aborted.

Vexed up with the continued blackmailing of Zeeshan Ahmed, the girl with the help of her parents registered a criminal case at Abids Police Station. The Abids police station after registering the case transferred the criminal case file to Bahadurpura Police Station.

According to the reports of the police, Zeeshan Ahmed and Syed Adil were exploiting the girl sexually since 2012 and they also got money from her. Police arrested Zeeshan Ahmed and sent him to jail. Police is in search of Syed Adil who had forced her abort and the doctors of Zeenath Hospital who conducted illegally her abortion.

–Siasat News