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25 international artists at new show

25 international artists at new show

New Delhi: Touching stories from across the globe will manifest into artworks, with 25 international artists set to come together for an upcoming exhibition here.

Titled ‘Around the World in 7 Days’, the show will feature emerging artists from countries like the United Kingdom, Turkey, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Romania, Lithuania, Germany, Ukraine, the United States of America, Canada, Mexico, Israel, South Korea, Kenya, Russia and Indonesia.

In his oil on canvas titled, “Siapa Lawan Siapa Kawan”, Indonesian artist Budi Ubrux will portray faceless figures mummified in newsprint.

Known for his satirical works on modern society, Ubrux’s painting is a comment on the Indonesian government’s transitional period from the “Orde Baru” (New Order) to the “Orde Reformasi” (Reformation Order) in 1999.

Set to begin on March 22 at Saffron Art Gallery here, the show will also explore elements of pop culture and its impact on contemporary society.

“We can virtually traverse great distances across the world in a matter of seconds. Technology has made it easier to experience diversity of culture, international sensibility and aesthetic sense.

“To highlight the cosmopolitan nature of the world we live in, the exhibition seeks to open a window between International art and Indian collectors,” says Sonali Batra, gallery director and curator of the show.