25 trucks with chicken waste seized, drivers held

, 1:35 PM IST

JAGGAIAHPET (KRISHNA DT): Police seized 25 vehicles, 19 lorries and six trucks, transporting chicken waste illegally, on Monday in separate raids in Krishna and West Godavari districts.

19 lorries were seized near Jaggaiahpet and took the drivers into custody. On investigating it came to know that the material was being transported to an aqua company located in West Godavari district.

In another raid, two trucks were seized by police which was shifting chicken waste at Hanuman Junction in Krishna district.

The investigation officers said that the truck was supplying chicken waste to the fish ponds located in the vicinity.

Police seized four vehicles in the third case, for allegedly supplying chicken waste to the fish ponds at Tadepalligudem in West Godavari district.

DSP Umamaheswara Rao said the seized lorries belonged to Telangana state and the material was being transported to A.P. from Hyderabad.

“Some fish farmers reportedly had an agreement with the chicken shop owners for supply of waste for raising fish.”

The DSP said. “The chicken waste should be disposed properly and violators will be booked under the Public Health Act. The vehicles were coming from Hyderabad. Police are trying to trace the vehicle owners and the farmers who ordered for the waste.”

Chillakallu police who is investigating the case said.”The chicken waste will cause environment pollution and spread diseases.”