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30- year-old man hangs himself, Unable to bear his son’s cries for his dead mother

30- year-old man hangs himself, Unable to bear his son’s cries for his dead mother



New Delhi: A man believed to be in his 30s has committed suicide in east Delhi’s Kailash Nagar on Sunday over his wife’s recent suicide and his two-year-old son’s constant cries for his dead mom, police said.

Vijay Dwivedi hanged himself from the ceiling fan in his rented house where his wife Priya was also found hanging on March 22. Vijay was not able to take care of their one-year-old son.

In his suicide note, Vijay wrote that he was pained each time his son asked him to be taken to his mother. “Each time my son cried out for his mother, I could not bear it and would weep silently. I feel lonely without Priya and am going to be with her,” he wrote.

The couple married in 2013 in Lucknow and had a son, Pappu. After marriage, they shifted to Delhi in the first floor of the rented house while his brother lived on the ground floor of the same building. Vijay used to work as a tailor in a factory.

Police said Priya killed herself after a domestic quarrel over a monetary dispute. Sewaram, the house owner said. “Priya had asked Dwivedi for money to buy some raw food items that morning. When he refused, saying he had no cash in pocket, she broke their piggy bank. That resulted in an argument between the couple following which Priya locked herself in her room when they broke open the door and found Priya hanging from the ceiling fan”.

“ When Sanjay woke up to find Vijay missing from his bed. He checked Vijay’s bedroom to find him hanging from the same ceiling fan from which his wife too had hanged herself. We brought his body down and tried to revive him, but he had died,” Sewaram added.

Vijay’s brother, Sanjay said. “From the very day Priya died, Vijay would constantly talk about killing himself and joining his wife. He would tell me to look after his son if he died. We used to console him, but did not think he would actually kill himself.”

“He would often point to his empty house and say that Priya’s absence had snatched the family of all its happiness. We would tell him that he could remarry and start a fresh life, but he would be repulsed by such talks,” said Meera, a neighbour.

A case has been registered under Inquest Proceedings at the Gandhi Nagar police station and the further investigation is underway.