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50 new job profiles now available for IT Engineers

50 new job profiles now available for IT Engineers

Hyderabad: The current impact of year-end layoffs in the IT sector has left many employees jobless but with the recent technologies emerging in the IT industry, it has also brought more than 50 types of new jobs for IT engineers.

Virtual Reality(VR), Internet of Things (IoT), big data analytics, artificial intelligence, robotic process automation are few of the in-demand technologies that have currently emerged in IT sector.

With increasing use of technology and applications in our daily life’s, the estimation of connected devices is supposed to reach 50 billion devices in the next three years and the market value could easily reach $661 billion by 2021.

Internet of Things(IoT) in combination with big data analytics will be creating opportunities for both professionals as well as many organizations.

A new of its kind, Virtual reality offers 12 different jobs which include VFX artist and also computer vision engineer. Well from animation to virtual reality, the IT sector is increasingly seeing different and a variety of jobs offered to skilled techies in this field.

Internet of Things (IoT) offers 11 different job roles like wireless network specialist and embedded system programmer to choose from. Artificial Intelligence also offers 10 different job roles which include AI research scientist, language processing specialist to name few. Techies specialized in these above skill sets have many job opportunities in near future.

Rajeev Ravulapati, a software techie for the past 20 years says “Fifteen to 20 years ago, job roles were either application-based or web-based. The job roles were less than 15 and were confined to programming, testing, network, database administration or web designing. Now, many technologies and tools have come up and job roles for potential candidates have increased”.

Talking about how IT sector has shaped in the past few years, Rajeev says the current scenario of IT industry is changing with many different technologies now being implemented in our daily lives, DC reported.