Wednesday , August 23 2017
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838 gallstones removed from patient’s gallbladder

New Delhi: In an unusual case, suspected to be that of a cancerous tumour, a patient was found with 838 stones in her gallbladder.

The patient who was experiencing acute stomach pain along with intermittent episodes of fever and nausea was asked to get an ultrasound and CT scan done, whose reports indicated that she might be suffering from cancer of the gallbladder.

However, when a laparoscopic surgery was conducted on her by a doctor of Fortis hospital in Shalimar Bagh, it was found that the patient’s gallbladder was extremely inflated, almost six times its original size. her gallbladder was removed with part of the liver and sent for pathological examination.

However, when the gallbladder was opened and examined before sending it for biopsy, 838 small and large gall stones were found.

“Gallstones are commonly found in patients with gall bladder cancer implying a possible causation. This patient was having only stones and her biopsy report was negative. Cancers of the gall bladder are very aggressive in nature and usually get detected only in the final stages of the disease since they present with vague symptoms which are not taken seriously. The only remedy to both gallstones as well as cancer of the gallbladder is complete removal of the organ,” said Dr Amit Javed.