9-year old sells his favourite comic collections to feed strays

, 12:12 PM IST

Mumbai: Proving there is still goodness in humanity, a 9-year old boy is selling his favourite comic book collections to help feed stray dogs.

Reportedly, Neal Batra from Gurugram is so passionate about his cause that he has already sold his Archies, Jungle Book and Pokemon collection by posting information through his mother’s Facebook profile. Buyers come to his Nirvana Country home.

Batra, who counts a little dog called Chumpie as his best friend, loves animals and feeds the dogs in his society as often as he can. He will buy food for strays and abandoned dogs with the money he raises.

As per reports, Batra has sold books valued at Rs 250 on the market for as little as Rs 30. So far he has sold 56 books to net a total of Rs 2,000.

Batra told “My parents have always motivated me to do good for the underprivileged. My work does not stop with this. I am already working on another plan.”