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9-yr-old sacrificed for treasure hunt

9-yr-old sacrificed for treasure hunt

Nizamabad: Social evil practices in the society have not yet changed or have come to an end as many cases still being reported about incidents were these social evil practices have sacrificed lives of minor children.

A shocking incident is reported in Varni Mandal where a minor innocent 9-yr-old boy was sacrificed on Friday night ahead of full moon day (Pournima) by treasure hunters.

Bardal Srikanth the victim from Siddapur thanda disappeared Friday night while he was playing with his friends. His father Bardal Karan Singh had been searching him since Friday July 7. The dead body of the boy was found on village outskirts on Monday.

There were injuries on hands and stomach of the victim’s body. The angry villagers demanded the arrest of the culprits and prevented the Police from reaching the crime scene.

According to the villagers, the relatives of the victim, Dasharath and Ramdas, along with a woman were involved in the murder of the 9-yr-old boy. They said the two had reportedly offered victim’s aunt an amount of Rs 8 lakh for completion of the task. They told her that they were looking for a woman of the same height ideal for treasure hunt.

G. Anjaiah SI of Varni told sources that the accused were taken into custody after assuring the villagers of their strict punishment.

“We have registered a case of suspicious death case and await the forensic lab report,” the SI said, as reported in the sources.