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Why at 90, this Gujarati man wants to marry again

Why at 90, this Gujarati man wants to marry again

Hyderabad: At 90 years of age, Ahmedabad-based retired banker Mansukhlal (name changed) is in search of a partner.

Mansukhlal lost his wife 25 years after retirement, is the father of two sons and two daughters, Times of India reported.

Paying a rent of Rs 17,000 every montht to his daughter for living and Rs 6,000 to his son for food, Mansukhlal said that money is something which is more important to my kids than me.

“Since my children are only interested in my money, I am now looking for a better half with whom I can spend the last days of my life,” he said.

In order to get care and company at the age of 90 and to live peacefully, Mansukhlal has contacted a charitable organisation to find a better half “of any age”.

“Mansukhlal has contacted us to find a better half for him since his children are not taking care of him,” told Natubhai Patel of the Vinamulye Amulya Seva Organization.