Art brings history to life, says PM Modi

Art brings history to life, says PM Modi

Mumbai: Lauding the contribution of art in society, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said art brings history to life, and described it as ageless and timeless.

“This is a society that has influenced three centuries. The strength and the message of art is the reason. Is art only about being the pride of our walls or is art about being the strength of society. Art brings our history to life,” Prime Minister Modi said at the inauguration of the Bombay Art Society here.

“Art can’t have any restrictions or limits. Art is first in the heart and mind of the artist, then on the paper or canvas. Art is ageless, race, region or religion less and timeless,” he added.

He further stated that art is the strength of the society and it resides in temples.

“Art resides in God’s place. You can see art in temples. It shows how much art is important in our cultural journey. Art must be rewarded. There must be no restriction to art. It is the responsibility of every state to reward art,” he said.

Prime Minister Modi will launch the ‘Make in India’ Week, a week-long series of events to showcase India as a preferred manufacturing destination to the world.

The objective of the Make in India Week is to showcase the world the achievements of India in its manufacturing sector and to promote the country as preferred manufacturing hub globally and its theme is innovation, design and sustainability.

The Prime Minister of Sweden Kjell Lofven, the Prime Minister of Finland Juha Petri Sipila and the Prime Minister of Lithuania Algirdas Butkevicius will be guest of honour on this occasion.