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Aamir Khan’s cook suspect in jewellery missing case

Mumbai: The prime suspects of missing jewellery from the Khan’s residence is his 18 long years cook Farzana Sheikh. Who is now a frequent visitor of Khar police station.

Kesar Begum, mother of 50-year-old Farzana Sheikh asked. “Is this what she is getting after so many years of loyalty?” Not just Farzana but her mother, brother and even son have worked with the Amir and his silence has hurt the family.

Farzana the dedicated cook if Amir , who wouldn’t even go home for festivals has accompanied Aamir to local and international shoots. She knows what the Amir likes to eat and what he must eat to keep that fit body to himself.

Now Farzana is allegedly paying the price of staying faithful to the Dangal star. During the investigation, the police showed up at Farzana’s residence and turned her house upside down. “They even searched the containers in which we keep daal but found nothing. I am scared because I don’t want the police to manhandle or hurt the daughter. I have faith in Farzana- she would never do something like this,” said Kesar, who had also worked with the Khans for many years.

“Is this what she gets for being loyal for so many years? Hamein Aamir se yeh ummeed nahin thi (we did not expect this from Aamir)”.Sheikh’s sister said.

According to the report an expensive ring and a diamond necklace was found missing from the couples Bandra residence. The police are investigating the case, with the suspected. They were investigating at Kiran’s assistant Suzanna and domestic help Jhumki.

An 80 page FIR was lodged at Khar police station on November 24. As per the complaint, Kiran had last worn her diamond necklace and ring on October 24 and kept it in her cupboard. She had planned to wear them on November 23 again, only to find them missing.