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‘Abhi Toh Mai Jawaan Ho’: At 68, Digvijay Singh ties the knot with Amrita


Congress party General Secretary and former CM of Madhya Pradesh Digvijay Singh has tied the knot with TV anchor Amrita Rai in Chennai late last month, a sources close to Singh confirmed on Sunday, as per Indian Express reports.

Singh is currently in the US and the staff at Rajya Sabha TV told the Sunday Express that Rai was on leave and was unavailable for comment.

Last year, 68-year-old Singh had confirmed his relationship with 44-year-old Amrita on Twitter. He had tweeted, “I have no hesitation in accepting my relationship with Amrita Rai. She and her husband have already filed a mutual consent divorce case.”

Later, on April 31, Rai too had confirmed the news by writing, “I have separated from my husband and we have filed a mutual consent divorce papers. After which I have decided to marry with Digvijaya Singh.”

In a Facebook post, Amrita Rai`s husband Anand Pradhan supported her right to marry anyone she wanted.

“Amrita is free to take any decision regarding her life after separating from me and I respect that. I wish her all the best for her life and future”, Pradhan had said.

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