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ABVP protest against anti-national holding saffron flag, What Smriti Irani says to it?

ABVP protest against anti-national holding saffron flag, What Smriti Irani says to it?

At a meeting on Thursday, HRD Minister Smriti Irani ordered all 46 central universities to fly the tricolour “prominently and proudly” on their campuses to signify a “strong India” and the first will be hoisted at JNU.

But to our surprise here is a group of ABVP protesters, who has been protesting with Saffron flag against the alleged ‘Anti-National’ activities perpetrated in JNU (Jawaharlal Nehru University).

According to One India news, ABVP wing of Puttur (one of the RSS stronghold in the country) of Dakshina Kannadahailing from Vivekananda Law college run by the RSS affiliated management held a protest on Feb 16.

Interestingly they were protesting against Antinational element at JNU, but none of the members of the ABVP was holding the Tricolour but only saffron flags.

While the Union Government says thet by flying national fag we can reaffirm national unity, integrity and nationalism in the central varsities, it has forgotten the fact that how many RSS affiliated colleges and schools in the country adhered to this idea of popular minister Smriti Irani after India became free nation.

‘Nationalism’ is not only needed at JNU university but there is also a need to replace the ‘saffron’ flag atop of every RSS colleges too.

The college, to which the protesting ABVP lads belong, has not adopted this policy of showcasing nationalism by flying the national flag.

When asked why only in central universities, why not in all colleges including private institutions, district (Dakshina Kannada) convener of the ABVP said, ‘since anti-national activities are being taken out only in central universities, soit is impending at these universities only.’

He also applaud the Delhi police for charging Kanhaiya with sedition citing no anti-nationals can be tolerated.