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Adultery, among 11 prohibitions set down by UAE for Indians

NEW DELHI: With over 2.4 million, Indians form the biggest expatriate population in the UAE.

And if you are an Indian resident adjusting to your new life as an expat or visitor to the UAE then you should know these rules to stay safe.

According to a report published in Hindustan Times, there are a few things you shouldn’t do in UAE and they include disrespecting Islam, begging, cross-dressing, indulging in unwanted conversation with a women, shouting, stalking, ogling, glaring, touching or any other comments, committing adultery photographing women and local incidents such as storm damage.

The following are the 11 don’ts the Indian consulate in Dubai listed out 11-point public advisory on their official website for its nationals to be follow while travelling/staying in UAE.

1. Don’t be naughty with women; indulge in unwanted conversation, ogling, glaring, stalking, prolonged stares, shouting, touching or any other comments or other such behaviour that may offend and are considered harassment.

2. Don’t photographs of anyone especially women, families, govt. buildings, etc.

3. Don’t sign any cheque unless sufficient balance of the same amount present in your bank account.

4. Do not carry any medicine/drug (e.g. Tramadol, Codeine, Poppy seeds, etc) which are considered to be controlled substances in the UAE. Check the list of restricted medicines or seek approval from Ministry of Health, UAE.

5. Begging is strictly prohibited.

6. Don’t disrespect Islam or the ruling family.

7. Do not drive without a valid UAE driving license nor drink and drive.

8. Posting photographs of local incidents, such as building fires and storm damage on social media is considered as crime.

9. Smoking in public building is considered illegal.

10. Do not indulge in fraudulent practices like issuing (including post-dated and ‘security cheques’) cheques without funds and non-payment of bills.

11. Indulge in romantic relationships outside of marriage are illegal and punishable. Adultery, homosexual activity, cohabitation and cross-dressing are illegal in the UAE and can result punishable with penalties, prosecution, imprisonment and deportation.

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