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Afghan teen, Abdul Qahhar, back on feet, set to fly to home town

Afghan teen, Abdul Qahhar, back on feet, set to fly to home town

Hyderabad: Afghan teen, Abdul Qahhar who underwent hip replacement operation at the Osmania General Hospital last February is all set to fly back to his home town Paktika.

His father, Abdul Razzaq feels both of them are indebted to the city for its kindness and the government which paid for Qahhar’s treatment through the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. Qahhar and Razzaq wish to express their gratitude to the Telangana government before they leave. Municipal administration and urban development department minister K T Rama Rao has happily agreed to meet the father and son duo before they leave.

It must be recalled that father of the Afghan teen had praised the Hyderabadis earlier also saying that the residents of Hyderabad are very hospitable and compassionate. They have won our heart. Talking to Siasat correspondent, Abdur Razzaq Khan, father of Abdul Qahhar Khan had told that Abdul Qahhar Khan was struck by a bullet during the battle between Taliban and Afghan forces two yeas ago. The bullet hit Qahhar’s pelvis from the right and tore into his colon, ripping through his bladder and damaging his hip bone. Even the exit wound was visible on the left side of his pelvis. Surgery was performed on his left hip that had got completely damaged.

At the beginning Abdul was shifted to Kabul’s emergency hospital Surgical and Medical Centre for Civilian War Victims which operated upon him twice: once in December 2014 and later in January 2015, but could do little to make Abdul walk again. Then he was brought to India.

Abdur Razzaq Khan runs cycle repairing shop in his village. He had brought Abdul Qahhar to Hyderabad by collecting donations.