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In Afghanistan, PM Modi glorify the brighter side of Islam

In Afghanistan, PM Modi glorify the brighter side of Islam

Herat: PM Modi who inaugurated the Salma Dam in Herat in Afghanistan said project launched be considered as the epitome of Afghan-India friendship.

Striking a chord with the Afghan population, PM Modi shuns his Hindu nationalist image to glorify the brighter side of Islam, and used ‘Sufism, Quran, Ramzan’.

“The relationship between India and Afghanistan dates back to centuries. Sufism is one of our strongest bond. Today, I would like to recall the message of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti. He said, ‘we should have hospitality of rivers and generosity of earth.’ India and Afghanistan will live up to his message,” PM Modi said.

“The month of Ramzan is coming. This is a month of purity. The principles of Quran are to be followed. People in India and Afghanistan will observe fasting in this pious month. On this occasion, I wish the entire Muslim population across the world, a prosperous Ramzan,” the PM added.

PM Modi was also conferred with  Amir Amanullah Khan Award, Afghanistan’s top civilian honour, today.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani conferred the award on Modi after the two leaders jointly inaugurated the Afghan-India Friendship Dam, earlier known as Salma Dam, that was rebuilt with India’s aid.