Wednesday , August 23 2017
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Agra: Accused of BJP-leader’s murder gets killed by mob


Agra: An angry mob attacked the police jeep carrying suspect of BJP-leader’s murder, dragged him out of the vehicle and beat him to death. Violence had erupted in the Mehra Naharganj village of Dauki area on Monday evening in Agra following the murder of BJP leader Nathuram Verma.

Several policemen were injured while trying to control the violence. Some angry villagers allegedly fired at the police, reported India today.

The mob set the police jeep on fire and the vehicle used by the alleged assailants followed by pushing it into the Yamuna river.

BJP leader Nathuram Verma had an old enmity with the alleged attacker Sudhir, a resident of Barauli Gujar village, the police sources informed.

The two were in a war of words after they had started talking to each other over some issue, following which the BJP leader was allegedly killed.

Agra BJP district president Shyam Bhadoriya told that Nathuram Verma did not have any links with the BJP. When Nathuram was shot, the villagers reportedly saw two people–Sudhir and Samar–running away from the spot.

The two men claimed that the BJP leader was gunned down by some robbers and they were fleeing the spot to save themselves. The villagers, who surrounded them, however, doubted their story and called the police.

Sudhir and Samar were taken into police custody and were seated in a police jeep when an angry mob pulled Sudhir out of the jeep and beat him to death.

After killing Sudhir, the mob tried to pull Samar out of the jeep but the police managed to save him. Agra District Magistrate Gaurav Dayal and SSP D C Dubey visited the village at night to assess the situation.