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Agra: Archaeological Survey of India bans taking selfies in Taj Mahal’s museum

Agra: Archaeological Survey of India bans taking selfies in Taj Mahal’s museum
Courtesy: India Today

Agra: Taking selfies in Taj Mahal’s museum has been banned by the Archaeological Survey of India. Forty-six museums come under the restriction which are curated by the department including Taj Museum inside the Taj Mahal compound.

An ASI official said the photography/filming policy of the ASI clearly states that no selfies will be allowed in museum premises, so Taj Museum staff and tourist guides are being issued instructions to make the tourists aware of the changed policy. He said that it is not yet clear whether taking a selfie despite the ban would attract a fine, but the staff has been instructed to actively prevent any selfies or any type of photography inside the museum, whether through selfie sticks or any other equipment, reports India Today.

The policy will also make the commercial use of pictures and videos chargeable. If people are allowed to take unrestricted pictures of these artefacts, the ASI’s photographs will have no use, said the official.
Agra Approved Guides Association’s former president Shamsuddin said that the ASI has already banned commercial photography past the central tank of the Taj Mahal and commercial videography past the red sandstone platform.

A Japanese tourist had died in 2015 at the Taj Mahal when he fell along with his friend from the marble platform of the main monument while taking a selfie. His friend had fractured a leg.
However, selfies have not been banned at the main monument yet, although tourists are now kept away from dangerous points with the help of railings, he added.