Sunday , August 20 2017
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AI plane makes emergency landing mins after take off; all safe

Allahabad: Fifty-three passengers and crew members on board an Allahabad-New Delhi plane had a close shave today after the aircraft developed a technical snag and had to make an emergency landing minutes after take off, a senior official said.

Airport Director S R Mishra said the Air India flight no 9604, carrying 48 passengers, including a child, and five crew members, took off at 14:48 hours from the Bamrauli Airport here.

“At 14:54 hours, the pilot contacted the Air Traffic Control and informed that something was amiss with the engine and it needed to make a landing at the airport immediately,” he told PTI.

He said full arrangements were made and the aircraft landed smoothly without requiring any emergency procedures.

The aircraft remained air-borne for about 14 minutes and may not have travelled more than five or six nautical miles, he said.

“All passengers and crew members are safe,” Mishra said.

He said the passengers who desired cancellation of their tickets were given a refund.

“Those who needed an alternative arrangement, went by a taxi hired by us to Varanasi from where they boarded a flight for New Delhi,” he added.

He said the incident is unlikely to affect air traffic between Allahabad and New Delhi.