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Air India flight evacuated after bomb scare

Air India flight evacuated after bomb scare

New Delhi: An Air India plane, AI 332, was on Wednesday parked at an isolated area at Suvarnabhumi airport after traffic controllers directed the pilots to taxi the plane due to bomb threat, Air India said.

AI 332 that took off from Delhi 2.05 P.M for Bangkok was forced landed at Suvarnabhumi at 7.10 P.M.

“While it was 1.15 hrs away from Bangkok, two threat calls were received by Delhi call centre. Accordingly the pilot was informed who informed Bangkok air traffic control for priority landing,” said Air India.

“Flight was not diverted because aircraft was on the sea,” it added.

The authorities activated an emergency plan and safely evacuated all 231 passengers, including a child and 10 crew members, from the aircraft and began checking for a bomb.

Police from the Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit are checking all pieces of luggage including those loaded on the aircraft.

Air India uses a Boeing 787 dreamliner for the flight, according to the (ANI)