Aishwarya Rai wrote about her embarrassing moment in the slam book, leaked

, 9:41 PM IST

Mumbai: Bollywood Actress, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s Slam Book old page went viral on Twitter. A fan club posted Aishwarya’s old page from a slam book on Twitter with a title ‘These Are a Few of My Favourite Things.’

It is assumed that it was answered by Aishwarya during her early days in the industry. In the book, she also wrote about her feeling about love. She wrote, “the idea of being in love, being in love and love”. She also said that she’d be turned on “by the one who’ll lead me to ‘the light’… even in the dark.”

In the book, the actress did not answer her embarrassing moment and wrote, “No. (My lips are sealed)”. The slam book page further reveals that Aishwarya feels her strength comes from the honesty, love, and faith the few, but dear ones, have for her.

Although, the page went viral on but the authentic of the page is still not confirmed.