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Akbaruddin Owaisi Attack Case: Interrogation continues

Hyderabad: During the hearing of Akbaruddin Owaisi Attack Case, defence counsels continued interrogations on the third day on Mohammed Jani, gunman. The gunman told the court that Ibrahim bin Younus Yafai did not die after receiving bullet from his pistol. He did not see him falling on the road but he saw him behind the gypsy car. However, he confessed that Ibrahim bin Younus Yafai has received a bullet. In his statement, he also told that he fired the first bullet at a distance of 6 feet, second time at a distance of 4 feet and third time at a distance of 1 foot. He also told that he is aware of A.P. Police manual that first time fire should be open to hit the body below the knee and not on the chest or stomach. He also confessed that he opened fire at Abdullah bin Younus Yafai when he was making an attempt to get his hands free with the help of two persons from the clutches. He further told that it is essential that if weapons are used on duty, this information has to be passed on to the higher officials. He therefore informed his higher officials only on 4th. His officers did not seek written report from him. He informed the court that on the day of attack, his pistol was loaded with 10 cartridges. He fired three rounds. He pleaded ignorance whether Mr. Akbaruddin Owaisi had a pistol with him on 30th April 2011 or not. About damaging the gypsy car with a cricket bat, he told that no damage was caused to the car.


Defense counsels, Mr. Achuta Reddy and Mr. Raj Vardhan Reddy continued interrogation on Mohammed Jani. The court has summoned Mr. A. Ramulu, Sub-Inspector of Police, Chandrayangutta today for recording his statement. Mr. Mohammed bin Omer alias Mohammed Pahelwan, Bahadur Ali Khan alias Mohammed Iqbal and other accused persons were present in the court yesterday.


–Siasat News