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Akbaruddin Owaisi Attack Case reached final stages – Hearing continues today

Akbaruddin Owaisi Attack Case reached final stages – Hearing continues today

Hyderabad: The hearing of Akbaruddin Owaisi Attack Case has reached the final stages. Public Prosecutor apprised the court of all the events of the attack.

Mr. Uma Maheshwar Rao, Special Public Prosecutor stated that Mr. Akbaruddin Owaisi is an MLA. He is a public representative. He has wide popularity. He has been winning elections from his constituency with thumping majority. The rift between him and the accused emerged during the elections of 2009 in which the accused had supported the candidate who was Mr. Akbar Owaisi’s opponent. Not only this, the accused were making an attempt to usurp Govt. lands. The local residents informed the MLA. Mr. Akbaruddin Owaisi visited his Assembly Constituency on 13th April 2011 along with Revenue Officials. Mr. Rao told the court that on 20th April 2011, an accused booked Umer Functional Hall, Chandrayangutta in connection with his wedding anniversary. At that time, some people were heard hatching conspiracy against MLA. The public prosecutor also told that Mr. Owaisi had reached Barkas on 30th April 2011 to participate in some inaugural programs wherein police had made elaborate arrangements. Mr. Owaisi was returning after reviewing the arrangements for the religious function. His corporator made arrangements for him to take tea. Mr. Ahmed Balala, MIM MLA of Malakpet was also with him. Mr. Owaisi was returning, when some people suddenly attacked him with cricket bat and knife. They also opened fire, to retaliate it, his gunman, Jani Miyan opened fire at Ibrahim bin Yonus Yafai which resulted in his death. A TV Channel Cameraman, Saleem videographed the whole incident which the police seized. This video was later produced in the court.

Mr. Rao told the court that this video was sent to forensic laboratory, Chandigarh to know whether this has been manipulated. He also told the court about the details of cancellation of bails of the accused.

The hearing was adjourned till today wherein the Govt. pleader will present his arguments.

–Siasat News