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Ali Zafar wants Pak films to hit Indian theatres

Ali Zafar wants Pak films to hit Indian theatres

Karachi: Since the artist-exchange between India and Pakistan is doing well in the recent times, Ali Zafar has revealed that he feels Pakistani movies should also get released in India.

In a recent interview with a leading daily, the 36-year-old singer/actor said, “Just like Indian films release in Pakistan, Pakistani movie should also release in India,” reports the Express Tribune.

The ‘Kill Dil’ actor strongly feels that Indian audience will appreciate “those movies.”

While comparing the industries across the border, Ali said that India has an edge when it comes to infrastructure as “this industry has been growing for decades.”

The ‘London Paris New York’ actor added, with growing competition, quality in the Pakistani film industry is also improving with many talented directors, writers and their “great ideas.” (ANI)