Ambulance drivers, medical technicians protest over pay hike in Raipur

, 3:17 PM IST

Raipur: The strike called by the employees of 108 and 102 emergency ambulance services demanding pay hike entered its eighth day today.

The employees, including attendants, drivers and emergency medical technicians, demanded the state government’s intervention to ensure that their demands are met.

Due to the strike, around 400 ambulances are presently not in service.

“We are mentally harassed. They are threatening us through messages. We want our salary to be hiked. Even the salaries of the people, who have joined six months back is same as ours. I have been working here for the last three years,” said one of the members of 108 emergency ambulance services.

Another member Dinesh Kumar alleged that it was torture on part of the administration as they were paid for less hours of work.

“We used to work for 12 hours, but they gave us the payment for only ten hours,” he told ANI.

Vikas Sahu, another member of 108 emergency ambulance services, said it was extremely unfortunate that the administration and Chhattisgarh Government was not addressing their woes.

“We understand the importance of an ambulance. But why are the administration and the Chhattisgarh Government turning a blind eye towards us?” he said.

According to reports, the health department officials had earlier promised to address their concerns and ‘normalize things’.

Disappointed with the arrangements of health department, the employees of 108 and 102 emergency ambulance services have gone on a hunger strike to ensure that their demands are met. (ANI)