Amended RTI Bill to be tabled in Lankan Parliament on June 23

, 2:38 PM IST

Colombo : Sri Lankan Deputy Minister of Parliamentary Reforms and Mass Media Karunaratna Paranavithana has said that the amended Right to Information (RTI) Bill will be presented in Parliament on June 23 for the second reading.

He affirmed the proposed bill will allow the public to get information regarding the public authorities, adding it will be an important feature for the government to be responsible at a higher level, reports the Colombo Page.

According to Paranavithana, the proposed Right to Information Bill is expected to make changes in a moderate way to uphold good governance and the state function.

The Lankan Government presented the draft bill to the Parliament on March 24 for the first reading.

The Supreme Court in May declared that certain clauses of the bill violate the constitution and will need a two-third majority in the Parliament to become law.

Subsequently, the government formed a committee to study the clauses that are in violation and introduce amendments to the draft bill. (ANI)