Amer Ali Khan urges Muslim youth to develop confidence & knowledge

, 1:30 PM IST

‘One needs to plan a strategy to make one’s dream come true. Muslims are commanded to perform prayers five times a day at prescribed times. If we understand the philosophy behind prayer we can learn time management and discipline’, said Mr. Amer Ali Khan news editor Siasat while addressing youth at coaching for candidates aspiring to become police constables at Abid Ali Khan Eye Hospital Darushifa.

Urging youth to become disciplined citizens Mr. Khan said he wishes to see all the candidates present there in the uniform. He advised them to develop their general knowledge. He maintained that Muslims are very backward. He recalled that following Gujarat massacre in 2002 Mr. Harsh Mander had said Muslims should join police force. Hence Siasat has been arranging training for recruitment in police since 2002 consequently over 1000 Muslim youth were appointed police constables so far.

Mr. Amer Ali Khan further said, Muslim youth need to develop confidence and shed social fear. Every person has some hidden talents which need to be discovered and polished.

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