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America promotes hatred against Muslims: Kanhaiya Kumar

America promotes hatred against Muslims: Kanhaiya Kumar

Hyderabad: The real originator and promoter of campaign of hatred against the Muslims is America. After the disintegration of Russia, America was in search of an imaginary enemy. America implemented its evil designs by targeting the Muslims in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan and Yemen by creating the fear of Islamophobia in the entire world. India also has fallen in the trap of the plan which George Bush had designed India its his ideology and started thinking the Muslims as enemies.

These thoughts were expressed by Mr. Kanhaiya Kumar, President of Students union of Jawaharlal Nehru University New Delhi. He was addressing a large gathering on “Dignity, Diversity and Democracy” in Hyderabad yesterday.

The meeting was attended by students leaders from Osmania University, Jadhapur University, Allahbad University, Maulana Azad University, University of Hyderabad, etc.

He made a refrence to James Bond films and said that in those films negative role of Russia used to be projected but these days, the image of the Muslims is being tarnished to create the atmosphere of hatred.

He advised the people not to be carried away by this false propaganda and asked the youths of this country to rise against the oppression of the authorities. He targeted Modi also by saying that Modi is not the name of a personality. It is an ideology which is being propagated by RSS. He told that there is a need for the youths of this country to get united to fight this campaign of hatred against the Muslims.

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