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American beef enters Chinese market after 14 years: Trump

American beef enters Chinese market after 14 years: Trump

Washington: US President Donald Trump has said that the American beef has hit the Chinese market after a gap of 14 years, crediting this to his trade deals with China.

Before Beijing closed the door to the US beef some 14 years ago, America exported beef worth USD 70 million to China.

“After 14 years, US beef hits Chinese market. Trade deal an exciting opportunity for agriculture,” Trump told his more than 33.7 million followers in twitter.

The ceremonial cutting of American beef was done by Agriculture Secretary late last month, thus giving the US access to the USD 2.5 billion Chinese beef market.

According to the Gazette newspaper, the meat shipped last week by a South Omaha meatpacker was reported to be the first shipment of US beef to China since 2003 after officials sealed a long-sought trade deal this month.

“This is a big deal. It’s definitely very positive news,” Lee Schulz, an Iowa State University Extension livestock economist was quoted as saying.