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Americans want non-politician to run the nation: Shalabh Kumar

Americans want non-politician to run the nation: Shalabh Kumar

New York: Expressing optimism for a victory for Donald Trump, Indian-American industrialist Shalabh Kumar said the US is witnessing a “movement” where people want a businessman and a non-politician to run the country and bring it back on its feet.

“The country is crippled despite what President Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton say,” Kumar, founder of the Republican Hindu Coalition told PTI in an interview here as the US awaits the results of the presidential elections.

Claiming that the there is a huge amount of debt and unemployment in the country, he said, “there is a movement in America that a vast majority of the people want to have a businessman, a non-politician and an outsider to run the country so that it could be back on its feet”.

The industrialist said that the world is facing a “third world war” that the Islamic State terror group has brought in and the “radical Islamic extremists have declared a war on the free world”.

“Keeping all this in mind, the country must give a chance to a non-politician and see if he can straighten out these things pretty much in the same light as Prime Minister Narendra Modi did two years ago,” Kumar said.

Expressing confidence that the election picture is “looking very good” and the normally blue states have Hillary Clinton defending them, he said, “This is a good sign. The overall voter turnout is very strong. It is looking pretty good, it may be a big surprise from the traditional polls”.

Kumar had organised a rally in New Jersey last month in support of Trump, where the Republican presidential nominee told around 5,000 people that he is a “big fan of Hindu” and India.