Monday , August 21 2017
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Ameyo, Revv together to empower customer support demands

New Delhi : Largest Indian contact centre software provider Ameyo announced its partnership with Revv, the self drive car rental service provider for its specialized cloud-based customer interaction platform Ameyo Emerge.

Revv is a multiplatform solution for customers looking for a self-driven car on rent. This made it important for Revv to choose a contact centre technology to be always available to customers and avert the hassles of outsourcing their call centre operations to a BPO.

The amount of data provided by the BPO was limited and the reports generated failed to serve the purpose of the car rental company. The company was unable to pull records on abandoned/missed calls which escalated their intent to implement a cloud contact centre technology.

“We are pleased to add Revv in our growing customer base. Emerge which clocked 25 percent monthly growth in last one year, has been specially designed for start-ups looking for cost-effective and customizable customer service technology. Over the last four months, we have 60+ companies opting for the cloud based platform. We will continue to strengthen our client base and will add more services to the platform,” said CEO Ameyo, Bishal Lachhiramka.

“With Ameyo Emerge we found the perfect solution to meet our communication needs. We were impressed with the solution, feature and capabilities of the product. The cloud contact centre technology has helped us in creating better experiences for our customers. Along with faster scalability, the platform has also removed the tangles in communication process to assist customers effortlessly on different channels,” said Founding member Revv, Srijan Sanket.

“The number of abandoned calls has almost dropped to zero whereas the total count of missed calls have reduced drastically. With Ameyo Emerge, the efficiency of our business has greatly improved which in turn has provided a significant boost to our support agents to go an extra mile for serving the customers,” added Srijan Sanket.

Ameyo Emerge generates reports that provided managers and supervisors with critical information to make decisions which improve services and productivity. The cloud platform also helps in faster deployment of the software at a fraction of the cost of an on-premise solution. (ANI)