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Amit Shah to form team for focusing on development issue in states

Amit Shah to form team for focusing on development issue in states

New Delhi: After Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked party workers to focus on development issues, BJP chief Amit Shah is set to form a team which will travel across states to ensure that the organisation is working towards fulfilling the agenda by complementing government’s efforts.

The members of the team, which will include powerful General Secretary, Organisation, besides his deputies, who are all drawn from RSS, will travel to various states at regular intervals and spend at least three days and nights at each place, party sources said.

They will also be tasked with the responsibility of ensuring implementation of organisational decisions taken at the March 19-20 National Executive meet of the party.

At the meeting held in the national capital, Modi spent a good part of his speech on the need for orienting party workers to “development” model.

They should focus on the developmental agenda and not be distracted by the opposition’s negative campaign, he had said in valedictory address, prompting the party chief to take a slew of measures to follow up on Modi’s exhortations, the sources said.

“Shah believes that there should be no gap between the central leadership’s vision and its execution on the ground. It will lead to better documentation and monitoring of organisational work and the priority is publicising the government’s works and connect people with them,” they said.

The team may have up to 10-12 members and each of them will visit different states. It will report to Shah.

Among the other decisions taken by the party is that its various cells and morchas will hold their meet in different states so that they could “learn” from developments there, as suggested by Modi.

The party has also decided to hold its next National Executive meet in the next three months, a requirement laid down by its constitution but often ignored in practice. The recent meet was held close to one year after it had met in Bengaluru in April 2015.

The top brass has also issued directions to the

leadership down to district and mandal levels that the organisational decisions taken at the Executive meeting be followed up within 21 days.

“The core group of all states will now meet every month in this regard,” they said.

Highlighting the organisational work following the Bengaluru meet, they said the party has begun building its office in 178 districts after Shah made the announcement that it will have an office, owned by the organisation, in 578 districts of the country.

It already has offices in 175 districts.